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Stealth NMZ

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Stealth NMZ
Can also be purchased with OSRS gold using vouchers from here
Supports all bosses CLI startup for scalable farming
Saving and loading settings
Custom break manager with support for NMZ dreams
Daily botting session limits to simulate sleep patterns
Hops worlds between dreams
Random behavior configurable on the GUI
Changes window title to OSBuddy while running
Simulates AFK sessions by losing window focus
Overloads/Absorptions/Super ranging/Super magic
Dwarven rock cake guzzling
Rapid heal flicking
Stat boosting and protection prayers
Prayer potions/Super restores
Configurable position in dream
Blowpipe recharging
Repairs barrows armour
Supports all combat styles
Special attack
Weapon switching
Buys herb boxes daily
Restocks on NMZ potions
Randomizations on pretty much anything
Fill the GUI settings with desired values.
Most behavior can be randomized by providing ranges instead of fixed numbers,
eg. the script will guzzle the rock cake when HP reached some value in the provided range
Use large ranges for more randomization.
Herb boxes will only be bought if there are enough spare points (usually 300k+).
Set long and frequent breaks for best results.
The custom break manager added in the script is specially designed for NMZ,
the default break manager will not work in this case since it may interrupt dreams.
Example settings provided by @Gunman :doge: 
yes Goes in C:\Users\PCUserName\OSBot\Data\StealthNmz

CLI Features
Script ID is 1060.
The script supports CLI startup with the following syntax:
-script 1060:settingsname
Where settingsname is the name of the settings preset used when saving the settings on the GUI.
eg. -script 1060:test
Bug Report Template
1. Stealth Injection or Mirror Mode:
2. Logger contents (press "Settings" on top right corner of the client, then "Toggle Logger", copy & paste on pastebin) :
3. Description:
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