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  1. Incapsula blocks website interactions on proxies and vpns, but there are other ways to create accounts nowdays
  2. Very low as the account is logged off most of the time. Perosnally I got an account to 18m hunter xp and some others with ~87 farming/hunter that are still running to this day. You can check some proggies on my youtube too
  3. Yes, that sounds awesome. Good luck
  4. Accounts locks are normal and it will happen in 99% of the cases, also bans in injection will occur on 9/10 accounts in my experience and thats not just on osbot, its on other clients as well, I personally bot tutorial island in mirror mode and have no issues. Mirror mode support has been added today to the manager.
  5. Have you fixed the pin issue?
  6. Can you look into fixing cli on mac and the pin error i reported few months back? Thanks
  7. Not A Bot

    Stealth NMZ

    I probably made over 5-6k usd from selling maxed accounts using @Token's script, little to no bans, I highly recommend it!
  8. so whens the Femi dialogue gonna be fixed?......been waiting for 3 months
  9. KHAL > CZAR https://imgur.com/a/XqtfB77 F2p farm, last batch I had got 95-99 woodcutting Khal for sure
  10. Botted 80 thieving at master farmers and made a bit over 10m gp while the script was in beta, Definitely worth buying, cant wait to make vids about it
  11. awesome, can you take a look again the the Femi dialogue? Somtimes it works sometime it doesnt
  12. Khal has a feature inside his script that gives every account a unique way of game interaction as long as you use the new mouse feature. Its probably something else that got you the ban, try mirror mode
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