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  1. Looks great, could you also add CLI support?
  2. does this have cli support by any chance?
  3. looks great, does it have anti pk support ?
  4. Rune sudoku, sorry haha
  5. Is this still profitable with the current rune prices?
  6. got 3 capes atm on 3 different accounts. Lowest account was 75 range 60 defence, with blowpipe. I highly suggest this script out.
  7. You can mass create them with bot managers that supports automatic account creation and unlocking.
  8. Incapsula blocks website interactions on proxies and vpns, but there are other ways to create accounts nowdays
  9. Very low as the account is logged off most of the time. Perosnally I got an account to 18m hunter xp and some others with ~87 farming/hunter that are still running to this day. You can check some proggies on my youtube too
  10. Yes, that sounds awesome. Good luck
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