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  1. 100M I'll send it (or equivalent in Crypto)
  2. I'd be more surprised if one took it and risked their Pmod status for 500k.
  3. Get it to 70/70/70 I'll do it for 200M including supplies. Done 20+ accounts
  4. What exactly does the ragging script do?
  5. He reminds me of LeBron a bit, he'll seem meh and cruise through the regular season then shit on everybody in the playoffs (mostly).
  6. Go on, don't keep us waiting give us the MOD SMACKDOWN!
  7. LeBron

    85-99 Attack

    I gotchu fam, 100M
  8. Discord: SK#5632
  9. If you get the defence yourself I can do the str and attack for 6gp/xp, PM me if interested.
  10. I'm guessing you're wanting to keep the loot? If that's the case 100 kills is 15M worth of loot with average luck, anyone offering to do it for 15M is definitely going to scam you, it'll be a minimum of 5h of work.
  11. LeBron

    Zulrah bot

    Took me like two weeks to make an account and I was banned after ~4h of botting. For me I'd say it was definitely not worth it and something I won't be trying again.
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