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  1. $420 Discord: Proton#8570 Crypto only
  2. These guys are trying to rip you off - Message me I'll give u .47
  3. Go back to getting ur dick sucked by anime fem boys on VR chat weeb

    1. Powerful


      Thats u, not me boiiii

  4. I can sell you GP at the lowest rates, dm on Discord: Proton#8570 Never had a customer get banned. Also make sure you can trust that friend of yours if you buy from him.
  5. Proton

    Buying OSRS Gp

    Only safe if you buy from me. Cheapest rates going (Cryptocurrencies only) Discord: Proton#8570
  6. 'Selling maxed main' Meanwhile, yeah the games way too boring when maxed. You should become a salesmen dumbo. Also give me a gold coin:}
  7. Powerful is a man of integrity and extreme maturity, he wouldn't do that, besides he's rich irl.
  8. Added, can sell you 1b+ Discord: Proton#8570
  9. You owe me 1 troy ounce gold coin or 1.7k usd in BTC you dumb fuck

  10. Yoooo wow man I really love your scripts, thanks for all you do brother!
  11. Ohh shigg.. Worth $2k at the barebones minimum imo
  12. Can sell you it all~ Discord: Proton#8570
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