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  1. 113m left Positive feedback   

    completed 85-99 attack for me, quick and reliable service

    LeBron was The Seller

  2. Khaleesi left Positive feedback   

    Bought an Account for 360$, I went first!

    LeBron was The Seller

  3. M A Y H E M left Positive feedback   

    Went first for 150m, maxed out my 70 70 70 account in the time estimated, nicely done!

    LeBron was The Seller

  4. magrocks78 left Positive feedback   

    I went first with 150m, he maxed my account from base 80s

    LeBron was The Seller

  5. elthree left Positive feedback   

    He maxed out my account for me, I went first for 150m. Easy effortlest and reliable guy!

    LeBron was The Seller

  6. s k ii lz z left Positive feedback   

    user trained an account for me via nmz powerlevelling very fast and reccomend big vouch A+!

    LeBron was The Seller

  7. Doviz left Positive feedback   

    Bought 150m 07, smooth as always!

    LeBron was The Seller

  8. 3ezi left Positive feedback   

    3rd time doing business with this man, he maxed account once again this time in 25 days! Awesome guy to work with he's straight forward. 10/10

    LeBron was The Seller

  9. Doviz left Positive feedback for a topic   

  10. 3ezi left Positive feedback   

    Went first with payment. This is the second account he did max for me in melee, very friendly guy. Would recommend him

    LeBron was The Seller

  11. fabioew14 left Positive feedback   

    Went first with 105m. Extremely fast and reliable!

    LeBron was The Seller

  12. matrixzer left Positive feedback   

    Went first with 150m, fast and reliable, will use again :-)

    LeBron was The Seller

  13. 3ezi left Positive feedback   

    Went in first 150M first, very nice man to talk with. Did his job within ETA, would buy again. 10/10

    LeBron was The Seller

  14. PkNovaHDJ left Positive feedback   

    Killed Zulrah for me did it fast and did a great job

    LeBron was The Seller

  15. PkNovaHDJ left Positive feedback   

    Done amazing thank you for the help on dragon slayer 2 :)

    LeBron was The Seller

  16. M3rchin left Positive feedback   

    Maxed my acc only took 30 days! Good service and easy to work with. S+

    LeBron was The Seller

  17. pablo hendrix left Positive feedback   

    Great guy bought acc from him , went first 200m

    LeBron was The Seller

  18. Kaws left Positive feedback   

    Used his Max Account service. Went first with 150m. Time frame he had mentioned was perfectly on point!

    LeBron was The Seller

  19. TWC left Positive feedback   

    bought his BTC for my PP, thanks!

    LeBron was The Seller

  20. Otters left Positive feedback   

    Trained 5 accounts to max for me - thanks great service!

    LeBron was The Seller

  21. TWC left Positive feedback   

    Bought 750m 07

    LeBron was The Seller

  22. Rs Athlete left Positive feedback   

    Thank you so much! Trusted him with 150m and he maxed my accounts melee stats♡

    LeBron was The Seller

  23. Rs Athlete left Positive feedback   

    Bought a max staker from lebron, went first with the gold (200m~), good price and everything was fine =]. Pleasure doing business

    LeBron was The Seller

  24. onegramdabs left Positive feedback   

    Went first 300m for main account thank you my friend will leave another feedback in 30days with how happy I am I still own the account ;P

    LeBron was The Seller

  25. dimka5112 left Positive feedback   

    Went first with 132M to get my account maxed thx!

    LeBron was The Seller

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