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  1. What does the new mouse option do?
  2. I think allowing users to choose a drop style pattern when starting would be nice.
  3. Possible to select just 1 shift drop style rather than randomize it?
  4. Yes, right now it has to right click the NPC (Arnold) and click bank. NPC always moves so its not in the same location where as the deposit box is static. Would be greatly appreciated if you can add that functionality.
  5. Possible to have the script use the deposit box at Piscatoris Fishing Colony?
  6. Can also vouch this script is god like!
  7. Thank you, if you can add that functionality, that would be pretty neat. I think it's been a long awaited feature for alot of people. Cheers!
  8. Can I get a trial of this script? FruityNMZ isn't working correctly.
  9. Guzzling rock cake is slow on stealth and also can you add support for Locator Orb.
  10. For stringing bows, does the script still use say the top left bow with bowstring in inventory 15 or has this been fixed so it tries to prioritize using item 14 + item 15 together.
  11. Does this use Reset for box traps? Want to make sure before purchase
  12. How does "Allow AFK while fishing" work?
  13. The highest of all the skills.
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