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  1. Bunch of updates pushed in the past few days including: Looting small items with zoom all the way out - now will use invokes to bypass this bug Won't attempt to equip any noted items Stopping when out of GP during exchange handler Getting stuck repairing items In a loop Tweaks to superantipoison potions for you irons
  2. Thank you! Don't tend to do trials but if you want to add fruity scripts on discord we can discuss
  3. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Will check it out see what's going on
  4. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Potentially add the feature to leave when out of overloads, maybe a checkbox below the quantity input might be the cleanest way Could you let me know the gear you're using and settings, screenshots maybe? Ill try copy and see what i can find out Will add fix for next release
  5. Would recommend @Lost Panda, currently completing a max cape on my main from scratch, 2.1k total down at 100~ combat! Would recommend/10
  6. Is this using the internal break manager and not the osbot breaks? If so could you screenshot the settings you're using? Also for all the ironman out there.... I'm adding Superantipoison support with the ability to select the venom damage to cure at. I'd recommend 10hp but 8-12 would be suitable. Let me know how this feature goes and ill consider other potion alternatives.
  7. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Sure, will check why it didn't stop gz!
  8. Will take a nosey at it, thought this was already implemented!
  9. Last time i used it, its was pretty safe, didnt have a ban in around 1800 chests
  10. I believe it is somewhat similar to superantipoison but ill have a closer look. Ill look at adding both options with a popup saying something along the lines of 'be careful' Thank you for the report, ill have a nosey. Construction cape is not support for the teleport (unless it is and i've forgot?) i can look at adding it but i suspect its due to the cons cape being trimmed that its depositing/withdrawing it which is a quick fix if i add the option. If its trying to teleport to the house whilst being in there it seems to believe it isnt home, ill have a look now to see why this might be.
  11. Im tempted to add antidote/super anti pots back in but the issue is the rate of infection at zulrah is that its almost instant, the pots would only be there to limit the damage it deals (wont drink until venom is doing 10/12 damage for example) rather than curing it straight away Just anti-venom+ and cure me at the moment
  12. Could you show me the settings you're using and what bank youre at?
  13. Hi - How do i use the nightmare zone bot? 

    When I click start all I see is this scre0en. 


    1. Fruity


      Didn't see this profile post, sorry - Can you show me the settings you're using?

  14. There is, you create profiles with items to buy and how many to buy, if you run out of an item that is in your profile it will trigger the resupplying and purchase all the items in your profile to meet the quantities you give it (for e.g you have 28 sharks and have 100 in the profile, it will purchase 72 to replenish stock) Believe it is the (f) - will add support for it now for next release
  15. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Looking good! glad to see you're making the most of it
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