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  1. Oo might point me in the right direction, ta Where about does it sit idle? Mirror or stealth ill have a nosey at my sleeps and see if I have something wrong,
  2. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Should be doing it automatically, could you drop us a pm with the logs when it sits idle, ill see if I can see what's happening Top Right settings then Logger
  3. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Do you have re-enter enabled? If so, is there anything in the osbot logs? Personal Preference, if you have access to mirror go for it, if you don't chance it. Mirror is suppose to help with bans I don't do trials sorry, happy to answer any questions
  4. Im going to be having a look at the way to tracks the profit probably needs a cleanup
  5. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Ill check the hop method and see if I can add some extra checks, thank you
  6. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    I dont offer trials, sorry, happy to answer any questions you may have though
  7. Good spot, I believe at the minute the script uses the chatbox dialogue so should be good Its something I've looked at in the past, not sure what I didn't finish it, if there was issues or just not as efficient for Botting. Ill have a nosey on YouTube for some guides or what not with sarabrews and see if its worth implementing and how I'd show the options/ux sort of stuff I believe this is an issue with how I grab prices/update my database, I plan on doing a lil rewright to clean it up. touch and hopefully sort this issue
  8. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    I have found the issue with the prayer, just running a quick test to make sure I aint removed something I shouldn't have. The dialogue issue I can have a nosey at, I know it use to do this, not sure if I changed something or if they change the dialog at some point Shouldn't be hard to add, most likely a checkbox on a window!
  9. I've had this in the past and have added the 'Cure Me' spell that does a similar thing. The issue comes that it has to drink so many potions and there is a chance you can run out of anti-venom's and die outside the lair due to the constant poisoning. IDK if I would want to risk it Mirror mode works for the most part and I would recommend it over proxies. Proxies only tend to prevent chain bans and not bans in general.
  10. Start at clanwars/zulrah see if that works, what travel routine? If it was not worn in your magic setup it will deposit it, check to confirm it was worn when loading magic gear.
  11. I can add a quick fix to keep the rune pouch out if you have veng/cure me disabled if that would help for the mean time? i can add it quickly now
  12. Clicking the chatbox should re-open the paint Darn do you know what items it ran out out? was it recharging or just withdrawing?
  13. It will bank it, if you have supplies for another kill it'll use the deposit chest
  14. Just seen your edited/updated post from earlier on. Just a note on the Ava - all avas (apart from the vork one) are lost on death no matter what, they are not kept when you go to retreieve them from the docks. God knows why they chose to do this? steel arrow sink? For the recording loot, is there anything in the logs regarding failed to update website or anything along those lines when you get a drop? Maybe an issue connecting to my site to submit
  15. It does On the hop settings, do you have any of the lotions selected in the 'skip rotation' section? Mirror for the withdrawing? ill have a nosey. Is anyone else having this issue?
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