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Community Answers

  1. Shall have this sorted for you shortly, apologies for the delay
  2. Is this with the latest v5.0?
  3. thank you both for clarifying, think i may have a fix in mind so will test and puish it for you both
  4. Thank you, would you expand a little? Is it still just checking repeatedly or?
  5. Can anyone confirm if the latest update has fixed the constant checking of the Trident? Tried myself, appears to be working but would like a 2nd opinion just in case
  6. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Thought this had been sotrted, ill have a see Dont believe so, runelite keep changing stuff that prevents it
  7. OSRS Update changed the chatbox message for checking charges, fix will be pushed shortly. thanks for the reports
  8. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Locator orb, absorption potions and overloads, pretty much it. maybe a spec weapon if it takes your fancy
  9. Thank you, will look into the bofa Please could you show me your world hop settings ui in a screenshot, if you have a rotation selected, that'd probably be it.
  10. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    May look into adding it but can't promise anything. Also forgot to post to confirm but barrows should be fixed, let me know if anyone is having issues with it
  11. Thank you, will check my method for this and the chatbox failsafe if it aint picking up the widget correctly It will pick it up and put it in the depost box on the island if you can do another kill or it will just bank it if you're out of supplies
  12. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Thank you for the report, shall take a look at it
  13. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Normal dream, no overloads no prayer and just an inv of absorptions and rock cake/locator orb. Pretty much as afk as it gets that I've used plenty in the past, throw in some overloads if u want a lil xp boost
  14. Hmmmms potentially, i may have to think about how i display the option and what sort of conditions it may not work for. None come to mind as veng/cure me are both lunars and teleport to house is normalspell book so no clash there. Appreciate the detailed feedback! 1. Regarding looting items that are not on the standard drop table, a custom loot box as you mentioned could be a good idea, ill see about adding it this weekend. 2. I currently have it build in the inventory from the options selected, ill have a think about how i could give users the option to add extra items, This would help ironman accounts outside of Leagues too. 3. Ill add a toggle to using boost prayers, or perhaps just a 'none' option in the dropdown boxes. 4. Ill have a see whats going on with the RoD, usually outside of leagues, rings of recoil are used and mainly tested for that senario. I can add further checks to not equip something of a similar name to something already equipped. 5. When selecting karambwans, are you setting the spinner for karams to fill the remaining space or selecting them from the dropdown box? 6. Should be tick eating the other food, there are a handful of conditions which force it to tick eat, we can discus on Discord if you would like? 7. Good spot on the noted manta rays if true, i will double check and confirm if this is the case. 8. Yeah its a bit hard to see, osbot use to have different mouse listeners and i had it highlight buttons on hover but that is no longer the case, ill see if i have the source files to update the paint to have them stick out more My Discord is Fruity#0001 if you wana have a discussion and go through some ideas?
  15. thank you for the extra info, which travel routine are you using/what is the tele to the bank? Ill check out whats going on and run a few tests with it
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