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  1. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Thank you for the report, i will see if i can find out whats up. Can you confirm your setup and ill try copy
  2. I'd say 75+ just as a magic phase range attack can hit 49 or 50 and a snakeling can hit 19. Can be combo'd occasionally and having lower hp will be a risk. Rune crossbow + diamond bolts works well Currently looking at normal spell book for other alternatives but not ibans yet. I know its requested for ironman accounts and it is on my list. Will probably post when it is added.
  3. mate whats going on with your zulrah script ? 10 attempts 10 deaths ,using trident sea's with 81mage,mystic blowpipe runedarts blessed d hide .................im losing money on supplys lol hows this poosible with ur script

    1. Fruity


      Morning, please contact me on discord if you have not already, ill see if i can find out whats going on. Will need to know the cause of the deaths so i can investigate further.


  4. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Will check it out, thank you. Ill post when the update has been pushed, should be this evening when i finish work
  5. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Believe this is due to the ',' within the message, I have amended the script to handle this better. Will be in next update. Also, added a failsafe for the 'cant hold any more pages' message - if this comes up it will mark the book as charged Currently no, something I want to add but its risky with pure accounts and all that, wouldn't want to add something that has potential to ruin accounts if it is setup incorrectly. Needs to be thought out for the ux Thank you, I will copy the settings and see if I can find out what is going on. shouldn't be stopping unless the stop by
  6. Thank you for mentioning the travel issue, I thought this had been implemented previously and will check to see why this might not be the case, they could have changed some text since it was first implemented
  7. The script currently supports the cure me spell, recoils, void and I will be adding the normal spell book spells as discussed with a user on discord Ill have to check the quest cape one as I don't own one myself. May need a test account for that. Although, it does support slayer ring method which is pretty good. Would just be the ibans and quest cape method it is missing. I can add it to my todo's but can't promise when it would be added at the moment.
  8. It does not support the iban staff. currently
  9. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Does it purposly select elvarg? Does it deselect any others? 'Grab Gear' button and if a special weapon is found it will be enabled, What weapon you wanting to use if this doesnt work? Will check the script to see what might be the cause, if it is not logging the reason i will be sure to add logs at all the points it stops the script. Could you screenshot the dream settings ui you have selected?
  10. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Could you screenshot of send me the logs from the script when it stops? Should say the reason I believe. You don't have any stop conditions enabled do you?
  11. It currently does not support guthix rest but I may be able to look into it to see how it functions
  12. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    That would be fab, let me know if you do, ill check the method for grabbing the potion and see what I can find. When this was being logged, was the potion visible or on the minimap?
  13. When it spammed the prayer, which prayer was it clicking? Was it trying to interact with something in the inventory perhaps and had the wrong tab open? Maybe able to investigate further
  14. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Grab gear button will enable it if the weapon is recognised as a special attack weapon it will be able, if it doesn’t let me know the weapon and I can check Dream settings enable re-entering and select the settings you want to use Thank you for the report, does this happen every time or just a handful? Will see if anything has changed with dialogs to see what might be happening
  15. Hmm the script usually sets it to 50 or 100 but doesn’t change it to 1000 did you manage to sort this?
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