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Exco Clue Solver


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Welcome to the thread for Exco Clue Solver!

Exco Clue Solver is a fast and easy way to complete easy/medium clue scrolls, whether your intent be gold farming or getting unique items on your own account!


This script currently supports the following:

- Completion of easy, medium and hard clue scrolls (Hard clues are currently in alpha testing)

- Easy clue gathering from H.A.M. pick pocketing (20+ thieving requirement) and opening gourmet implings.

- Medium clue gathering from eclectic impling opening and killing Falador guards.

- Hard clues gathering from ninja impling opening and killing Hellhounds (only use with high level accounts)

- Optional reward casket banking

- Stamina potion usage

- Teleport usage (tabs or runes)

- Fairy ring teleports

- Buying missing clue items off GE

- Dropping unsolvable clues

- Screenshotting clue loots



Exco clue solver was written by @Patrick  Please use this thread for any and all questions, comments, and concerns. If you wish to report a bug, please use the following template to do so:


Script Version: 

OSBot Version:

Stealth Injection or Mirror mode:

Brief description of the issue:

Stack trace and or contents of Logger: 

Screenshot where it got stuck:

Item id of the clue scroll:


Please note that bug/issue reports not following this template will be ignored.



Progress reports:










Script now available on the SDN! Get it here:



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1 hour ago, xLoCo said:

Will this support getting easy clues from ham members or are all clue scrolls gonna be gotten from opening imps?

I should include this in the thread, the script currently supports pickpocketing HAM members for easy clues and either impling jars from GE or killing falador guards for medium clues.

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