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  1. Just a note, we don't allow the sale of hacked accounts here.
  2. Do not take jobs here and ask for rep on Sythe, this can result in further consequences at both sites.
  3. This, you purchased it on the account "ridget008"
  4. This will depend on your OS as well as who is providing your internet connection if it's a network firewall. There are lots of resources online for Windows specifically, this isn't something we can easily help you with since though
  5. Something is blocking your connection to the OSBot server; if you're using a VPN disable it, otherwise a network or OS firewall etc may be to blame.
  6. @BiscuitMan Since this is a pretty high value account, please post here acknowledging you would be responsible to refund a buyer if the original owner does recover it
  7. @RobertOsb @Aaron Any update on this?
  8. The dev team has been made aware and bot should be back functioning soon, no exact ETA as of now
  9. We will await this to be completed, DM one of the mods if we're needed
  10. This refers to if the buyer will receive ownership of the original e-mail address (the one the account uses to login)
  11. @Aaron has been warned of the dispute and has 24 hours to respond
  12. @xxDFLxx Please state below if the account comes with the original e-mail as well
  13. Night

    Night Wintertodt

    Clearly you didn't read my response. I do not experience this issue when I run the script. If you provide me with details on your game settings and OSBot setup I'd be happy to use those and see if I can recreate it to patch. You seem to be super heated about this bug, feel free to PM me of course but I have a feeling you'll want to continue spamming my thread with multiple posts before I'm able to respond once.
  14. It might be worth trying some other Java versions to run the client as you seem to be in the minority. If that doesn't help I'd suggest trying to debug what methods are causing the issue since you seem to be writing your own scripts. With that info Patrick will be able to help much quicker
  15. Night

    Night Wintertodt

    An update was made when you reported that issue, as I do not have the issue on my test account I wasn't aware it still existed. If you just reported the issue was still present I'd be happy to troubleshoot it further.
  16. Night

    Stealth Quester

    Lots of people do, we ensure premium scripts are kept in working order, trials should not be necessary. In particular on this script, the trial could be abused to do all the quests needed, then the user has no reason to purchase.
  17. @loochyx2 Your script purchases are under your other account https://osbot.org/forum/profile/263192-loochinator/
  18. Night

    Night Wintertodt

    I've requested the script be hidden from sale temporarily, until I have enough free time to finish/release my new version
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