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  1. Sort of def you working with? I recommend 85-85 but can be done with 70 range and 78 mage if you use trident and rune cross with some fancy bolts?
  2. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    Will check it out, no doubt they updated minigames tele tab for the millionth time
  3. Update pushed, look for 5.05
  4. Checking it out, Apologies for the delay. if you's have any logs lmk and I can take a nosey to be sure im looking in the right places. cheers
  5. Replied to PM. To be honest, Agility potion as never been suggested to me in all these years, does support summer pie though. Just as a notice for anyone looking to buy the script - everything that is in the script is on the main thread post. If it aint there, it aint yet in the script.
  6. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    As it was update date, working after client update?
  7. do you have one equipped?
  8. It'll use it if in the setup, if its a degradable weapon it doesnt currently support recharging/reparing it but i could look into it Cheers, will have a nosey at the Anti-venom+(4), might be an issue with my regex on the api data
  9. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    You can make your own profiles, can have multiple saved but there is nothing built in to the script as everyone would then be running the same setups If you find out what might have happened and let me know, I can look into it.
  10. Reload mirror, unfortunately nothing I can do in the script to prevent this Works from what I know, just takes a lil bit of setup Thank you for the feedback, I did use to have it pot in the lair but then people asked for the docks, could probs have a toggle somewhere for the best of both worlds. For the PoH and pool, I thought it teleported to castle wars being the closest, don't recall changing this but could have been years back! will have a nosey Random ranged attacks can't be protected against on the magic phase, damage is calculated before the projectile is sent out Thank you for the report
  11. Perhapps, ill have a look at it For banking issues, can you confirm if it is with mirror or stealth and if it is always broken or if it is inconsistent? also, as it was update date yday, is everything fixed now and osbot hust needed a lil update?
  12. Not at the minute but its something i want to do, needs a lil work to get it in. Can use tabs atm
  13. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    If you use the script break handler as opposed to osbots, this should fix this issue for you
  14. not sur show the file system works for sandbox tbh, not sure how you'd locate them
  15. Could you send us over a screenshot of the settings you have, will make a copy and run it see whats happening
  16. Currently not but can look into it How's it dying? combos, gas, afkign etc etc more info the better to get an idea of what might be going on
  17. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    In dream options, do you have re-enter enabled? that is most likely the cause of the popup, looking into the withdraw issue
  18. ty for the further information, something is definately not being updated for some reason, shall see if i can sus
  19. Going to push something shortly to see if it solves the issue, if you can pop a screenshot of your setup i can do a copy and use it to test against just in case
  20. Does it kill the brothers and then get stuck without stopping/starting the script? Shall take a look. Sounds as though its not found the tunnel
  21. Fruity

    Fruity NMZ

    This working now? Most likely due to osrs update braking hooks but confirm if not.
  22. Missing members item sounds like your on mirror? was it f2p and u hopped or anything like that?
  23. If its in the tunnel, it cant run, if you run it at CW or barrows or inside the tomb it should run alright? So it is banking at kharl you just want it to bank elsewhere?
  24. When did the issue start with cure me rune pouch? It will only cure venom when it starts to hit 10/12 as if you use cure me straight away you are constantly casting the spell as u get venomed by zulrah
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