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  1. Gone ahead and banned the user as I was able to find links to his other accounts, also banned for scamming/vading/etc. @Western Trader @Justanother1 @zlangley @Master Splinter1
  2. Night

    Donami Scam

    I've placed @Donami in TWC and asked him to reply here. He has 24 hours to do so, although he hasn't been online since August and posted since July. In the future make sure to get an OSBot confirmation PM
  3. Please keep the forums English only
  4. User has been banned for scamming.
  5. Night


    As @Space noted this happens on occasion especially on mobile networks, I would try as he suggested to get a new IP and a different browser if that doesn't help
  6. @Easy Money we've had a few issues with IPB loading elements, I made a change on your account if you can clear your browser stuff again and let me know if it helps. If not I'll pass this along to Mald.
  7. Night

    Night Wintertodt

    Done Hey guys small update, I'm about 75% done with a totally rewritten version of this script that will feature many improvements!
  8. Thanks, closing this
  9. I was able to find that voucher code was redeemed by him under @xxlithjoexx. I have placed him in TWC and asked him to reply, he has 24 hours to do so
  10. Night


    There's not a requirements, I'd say double check your browser/ad blocker isn't interfering, as well as making sure the avatar is an accepted file type/size
  11. You need 100 post count to sell accounts here
  12. Night

    LF 2k+ total main!

    Odd, I'll past this on to Mald and ask him to look. Might be worth to try another browser in the mean time
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