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  1. You need to null check. The NPE thrown will direct you to where.
  2. Has anyone got any ideas on how to do this? I've tried checking for animation and height, but neither seem to be reliable. I can't think of any other ways, but I'm sure it's possible.
  3. if (trader.trade("BravoTaco")) { if (trader.offerItem("Rune scimitar", 1)) { public boolean trade(String playerName) { Player player = mp.players.closest((Filter<Player>) player1 -> player1.getName().equals(playerName)); if (player != null) { if (player.interact("Trade with")) { new ConditionalSleep(10000, 100) { @Override public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException { return ((inTradeWidget = mp.getWidgets().getWidgetContainingText("Accept")) != nul
  4. Seems like this would be very reliant on every action executing successfully. If the script ever has to re-loop because of a failed action or just general rs lag, it will break.
  5. Just add an animation check prior to clicking the spot. if (!not fishing / animating) { fish }
  6. Then why not tell him that The guy can't figure out widgets, tell him to press 1 and he'll be spending his botting days typing 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 in game
  7. Wouldn't you still want to check the widget was up before pressing 1
  8. I really doubt anyone's going to meet up with you for $ unless you're trading thousands of $, and if you are I'd suggest putting it. If you're worried about chargebacks why not just sell for Crypto with a middleman?
  9. Welcome to my NMZ Account Shop. Pricing: $15 / Acc. Accepted payment methods: OSRS Gp, BTC & ETH. Accounts will come with the following: 60/60/60 Combat Stats Fully Quested (RFD Rock Cake, MTD & Grand Tree) No Registered Email & No Bans Contact: Discord: HeyImJamie#3244 Terms of Service: - I am the OO for all the accounts and am therefore responsible for recovery. - If you decide you no longer want the account, you have the right to sell it back to me at 70% of the accounts original cost. - The account will come with no email registe
  10. Jagex's bot watch is likely to be heuristic based. From what I understand, location is one of the many things they'd use to identify you as a bot. Other things could be IP, play duration, etc, but these are all assumptions. No one knows exactly what causes bans, and if someone does, it'd be kept secret anyway. Duel arena is also 'heavily' botted, as staking can be seen as a very profitable method, and it was also previously used to transfer / mule gp, so it's likely that this location is actually 'noted'.
  11. Try making your own Spellbook API with widgets. This would be good experience for you.
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