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  1. Mysteryy

    7qp F2P Quester

    ConditionalSleep2 pls
  2. Mysteryy


    Some people just have no standards.
  3. We gonna see if you fixed the web walker or not
  4. "- Minor bug fixes" Thanks for the throw back
  5. Guess there is no perfect autoclicker @Czar
  6. Talk to @Czar hes in the same boat as you so he might be able to help.
  7. I have an account that got a 2 day ban a couple of years back. After that I stopped botting on it because I didnt want to risk another ban, 2 day or perm. From my experience 2 day bans are more rare, its usually a perm ban, so why push your luck.
  8. There is no answer, could be anything. If you like the account, don't bot on it.
  9. Literally dont know what your asking for tho.
  10. You will need to provide something useful. I dont know if osbot has any crash logs, or if you can just rely on the JVM crash logs. At minimum you should be able to get your jvm crash log. When JVM crashes it should dump out an error log with a name like 'hs_err_pid123.log' but 123 will vary depending on the process id at that time. See if you can find anything like that in your home directory, or osbot directory. The path can be changed, so it could be anywhere though.
  11. Probably still want to make sure that the correct text is present.
  12. Yea also, try using 270, 3 instead of 270, 5. Let me know if that works, just curious now. Edit: I told pat (because I also saw this same problem the other day). For me I used the same thing that I suggested to you and it worked. He took a look and said that getWidgetContainingText(text) ignores chatbox. Its probably to avoid falsely matching text if a user says something. Like if a user says a message with the word "spin" in it, it would match that message when really you wanted the spinning widget, not a message from some random user where they said the word "spin".
  13. Well I'm at work at the moment, so I cant really try anything. But you might try like: RS2Widget spin = getWidgets().getWidgetContainingText(270, "What would you like to spin?"); //spin
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