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[Stable] OSBot v2.5.30


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This update brings the following changes, on top of the dev build 2.5.29 :


- Added Tabs#open(Tab tab, boolean useBind). useBind true will attempt to use the key bound to the tab to open it, but will use the mouse if no key is bound.
- Added Projectiles#targeted(Character target)
- Added Client#getAccountType(). This can be used to check for ironman status

- Fixed the bot freezing during the loading process
- Fixed the bot crashing when trying to close a tab
- Fixed item depositing on the bank on resizable mode
- Fixed the login handler for resizable
- Fixed a bug where inventory items weren't loaded on resizable after a relog.
- Fixed charter links in the webwalker
- Fixed a bug with GrandExchange#buyItem where it would spam type the name of the item
- Fixed a crash when trying to use a shop with only 1 item in stock
- Fixed a crash in Tabs#open() when no tabs are visible

- Added royal seed pod support
- Added burning amulet support

- Improved memory usage
- Added a new Config Debugger to more easily debug configs
- Updated the Quest list to support the latest quests


- The OSBot Team

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