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  1. You have two different 'bank' objects and only one is being initialized using 'exchangeContext'. What you could do is make those classes singletons and ensure the main class exchange context prior to them being used elsewhere
  2. @Override public void onStart() throws InterruptedException { getBot().getMouseListeners().add(new BotMouseListener() { @Override public void checkMouseEvent(MouseEvent mouseEvent) { // on shift + left click if(mouseEvent.getModifiersEx() == 1088){ } } }); } Didn't find any documentation but this will do (for win 10 at least).
  3. You can add key listeners - press the key(s) which triggers the file read. or if you're real lazy -> https://osbot.org/api/org/osbot/rs07/input/mouse/ClientMouseEventHandler.html
  4. @Patrick Using mirror mode produces this -> That's without any script running. (AKA, start mirror mode and those errors will start spewing out right away)
  5. hi can I leech a trial, thanks.
  6. dreameo

    Stealth NMZ

    Script works well in Mirror Mode. Would recommend. Provides all options for custom NMZ use. Thanks Token
  7. dreameo

    Stealth Quester

    I've been using this in mirror mode 4.0 and it works pretty well. Even did monkey madness flawlessly.
  8. This could be your problem. Try getKeyboard().pressKey(VK_Z) // z constant
  9. You could print it to the screen itself using graphics. Implement painter and make use of the graphics 2d object from onPaint method.
  10. Automated farms and an SQL database aren't correlated. With that being said, look into why you need a database and what kind of information needs to be stored. Once you find that out, you can make a decision on the data storage. There are many possibilities each with their own implementation details and some will be easier to implement than others (relative to osbot restrictions). My only piece of advice is that if you want to bypass the limitations of osbot, use a middleman service (an application that is separate from osbot) to act as a proxy.
  11. run the jar from terminal: (use your path, below is my example) 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_221\bin\java -jar osbot.jar'
  12. Here's a story: Jimmy buys a knife Jimmy uses the knife to cut things and very much likes the knife One day. Jimmy cut himself! and Jimmy starts to bleed Jimmy starts to complain and says the knife is harmful and blames the maker of the knife Jimmy calls the knife maker and says, "Your product hurt me!" The knife maker replies and says to Jimmy, "On the package and on the knife, it clearly states, 'Use with caution'". The knife maker hangs up and blocks Jimmy If you haven't noticed, you're Jimmy. The FM works as it should and like all botting, there's a probability of being banned. Botting and bans are inseparable, if you think otherwise, then you're a lost cause. One last thing since you're having such a hard time with this concept. The 'product' is a 'bot' that automates a task, in this case, firemaking - nothing more and nothing less. If you wish to reap the benefits of this bot, then also be prepared to also face the consequences.
  13. You speak about irresponsibility... get this straight, I have zero responsibility about the actions one takes from using this script. This is an as is product and all liability falls on the users. Regarding the bot, it works just as expected and functions as advertised. Had you not been satisfied, you would have stopped the script immediately. But you continued to use it as it did exactly what you wanted it to do. It's very ironic how you talk about irresponsibility. You want to reap all the benefits and yet, take no responsibility for your own actions. You chose to bot, not me. Get your facts straight.
  14. Botting and expecting not to get banned isn't ideal.
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