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  1. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  2. Could you send me a message concerning this on Discord?
  3. Please message me concerning those on https://discord.com/invite/xhsxa6g Sure thing. Trial granted .
  4. All good. Trial re-granted.
  5. Could you use the trial right now if I'd re-grant?
  6. No problem. I've re-granted the trial.
  7. Are you sure you're using this script? I don't think the script even supports the gnome benches.
  8. Sure thing. I'll try to look into this later today.
  9. You can indeed choose the order in which the rooms are solved. I've granted you the trial, such that you can see what is and is not possible .
  10. The trial was active for 8 hours, right after I activated it. I'll re-grant you a trial right now.
  11. Appreciate you letting us know! Glad to hear you figured out the root cause and have been able to address it.
  12. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  13. if you'd like it to do 1 room, you can choose e.g. 5729x master wands as the first object in the queue, which will inevidably take a lot of time. However, if you're experiencing issues, please join my Discord and send me a message with a full report in there so I can look into it .
  14. Not sure to be frank. I can grant you a trial so you can see for yourself, if you'd like.
  15. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  16. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  17. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  18. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  19. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  20. Sure thing. Trial granted .
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