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  1. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  2. Maybe one day. I currently don't have time to add that request in though.
  3. You're most welcome. Glad we got that solved so easily.
  4. Are you using fixed mode and zoomed all the way out?
  5. That's correct, the script currently does not support spellbook teleports.
  6. I could potentially add it in. Please PM me on Discord concerning this.
  7. Please note that the script does not support those, neither is that anywhere stated on the thread .
  8. Please refer to the PM I just sent you.
  9. Please join my Discord and send me a PM regarding this.
  10. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  11. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  12. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  13. I've been a bit flooded with work and was just about to reply to your PM. Make sure that patches are empty before starting the script, if those particular patches have not been filled by the script itself. The script uses caching to remember what will be done at which location(s), but for that you need to use the same profile. The script does not know anything about patches that are filled by yourself and not the script. Please do let me know if this did not answer your question(s)/fixes your issue(s).
  14. Sure thing. Trial granted. Automated restocking is not supported!
  15. Send me a PM on the forums. I'll get back to you when I can.
  16. Please join the Discord and send me a message on there.
  17. I'm sorry to say that I have decided to discontinue this until further notice - due to low demand.
  18. Please make sure to be starting your character, your inventory & the butler exactly as the thread states.
  19. Are both of these still needed?
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