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Community Answers

  1. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  2. Could you try and get me a GIF/recording via Discord? You’re currently the only one notifying me about this.
  3. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  4. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  5. Please message me on Discord. I'd need you to grant me access to an account that has these available in order to add it in .
  6. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  7. Hhm, I believe jugs of wine have 2 sips right? Karambwans can only be eaten once though so not sure. Try contacting me on Discord regarding this if this is important for you.
  8. What food are you using?
  9. Sure thing. Trial granted. As for discord role; did you not have access to #request-a-role?
  10. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  11. Sure thing. Trial granted . As for LTC payment; you'll have to find somebody on OSBot that is willing to send you an OSBot Store voucher for the LTC. I personally do not offer such a service.
  12. Sure thing. Trial granted .
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