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  1. Sounds good. Please send me a PM for those stamina potions in about a week as I'm away from home until then.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm most definitely interested in those visuals for the issue you described at the Alchemist room. As for the number of stamina potions to withdraw, I can make that a setting indeed if desired, please remind me about that. As for the telekinetic room, sometimes it can't find the NPC or the start tile for the maze, which only occurs randomly. To tackle this, the script will notice that it's not doing it's job in this room after a certain time and it'll leave and re-enter the room, which will fix this issue.
  3. Any chance you can get me some visuals and show them to me on Discord?
  4. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  5. So the script will use the traversing method that you told it to use. If you'd like it to use a teleport tab to Varrock you'd use the TraversingMethod called TeleportationTabTraversing with the teleport tab VARROCK. Make sure not to wear jewelry like the ring of wealth if you don't want the script/webwalker to use it as it might interfere. As for breaking; you can't choose any breaking settings as the script will only login once needed. If no patches need interacting with the script'll stay logged out.
  6. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  7. All right. Trial re-granted.
  8. Why a second one?
  9. V1.28 Has been pushed. - Fixed yew tree protection payment issues
  10. Sure thing. Trial granted . I'll add this to my list of things to consider, no definitive yes or no at this very moment .
  11. All right. Please reply on the thread on the day on which you'd like the trial. It does indeed logout after all runs are done. I can grant you a trial so you can see it for yourself if you'd like.
  12. Sure thing. Is the trial still needed? Can you message me regarding this on Discord? I'd need an account with the sufficient amount of points.
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