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  1. Please send me a message concerning these on my Discord .
  2. Great progress as always. Thanks for sharing this, hopefully it'll help potential customers with their decision .
  3. Fair enough. If anything reading this encounters this issue as well, please send me a message on Discord.
  4. It sure is! Sure thing. Trial granted .
  5. Looks like there is a flaw somewhere that's throwing some errors. Any chance you get me a GIF/recording of it running the alchemy game with the logger open and then send it to me on Discord?
  6. Sure thing. Trial re-granted! Please join the Discord so me or others can help you set it up .
  7. Thanks for the review. I might consider looking into some of these when my agenda allows for it. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  8. Sure thing. Trial re-granted .
  9. Sure thing. Trial granted .
  10. This issue should be fixed on V2.35. Do you want me to re-grant you the trial?
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