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OSBot 2.5.1 - Stable Release

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OSBot 2.5.X is now live. I worked closely with our scripters to ensure that the transition went relatively seamless, so most scripts should already be good to go. If you have any issues with a script, please contact the script writer first before posting in here or the bug reports section. Let me know how you guys like or dislike the new update.

OSBot 2.5.0 Changelog:

Complete overhaul of mouse/key listener system
-Fixes issue with "clicking with input disabled"
-Fixes StackOverflow with mouse wheel
Bot addMouseListener now accepts BotMouseListener instead of MouseListener
Added BotKeyListener
Added Bot addKeyListener(BotKeyListener)
Prevented adding listeners to WrappedCanvas
Updated BotMouseListener API docs

Updated client UI to look similar on both Nix/Windows
Fixed proxy list adding null host/port bug
Patched exception on creating local files first time
Patched error on first time webwalking download
Removed Combat getCombatLevel()
-Duplicate method, myPlayer().getCombatLevel()
Removed Mouse isWithinCanvas()
-Duplicate method, Mouse isOnScreen()
Removed ItemContainer getAmount(List<Item>)
-Doesnt match ItemContainer continuity, largely unused
Removed Skills hoverSkill()
-Relied on static interface id, used purely for antiban
Removed experience tracking from script executor
-Unused by scripts on the SDN
-Removed Bot getLastGainedXPTimeThreshold()
-Removed Bot setLastGainedXPTimeThreshold()
-Removed getTotalExperience()
Removed Widget getRectangle()
-Duplicate method, Widget getBounds()
Updated API Docs for Widget getPoint()
-Incorrectly stated that method returns null if not visible, returns (-1, -1)
Exhausted DPI aware resolution bug fixes
Fixed NPE in ScriptSelector
Various large code cleanups

OSBot 2.5.1 Changelog:

Restored AutoLogin event
Patched issue regarding opening advertisements
Verified closing advertisements works, unintentionally fixed through 2.5.0 patches
Added additional Stronghold of Security door answers

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