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  1. Just pay them you cheap fuck.
  2. Curious to see what other people think of duoing rex/supreme lol
  3. @Maldesto @Rxd This thread is now a reminder of the sacrifices to the MMA gods that enable this event to take place. - We thank Brian Ortega for his sacrifice, even though he was not given a choice this time
  4. THS


    False advertising with the onyx @@@
  5. Currently typing from my cell on a Nokia 2280, i txt my friend and he uploads posts for me. Can't keep a hitta down
  6. well this topic dissapointed my expectations
  7. How will @Rxd and I flame the fight card if there is no chatbox
  8. With no chatbox. Fukin FUCK
  9. pogchamp something to hit when the yewts jump the fence
  10. such suburbia. lowkey that srsly looks like a patchwork of houses thatd make me wanna neck it
  11. isnt this pretty shite loot
  12. Just wanna stick my nose in and point out that this is on a public forum
  13. I'm willing to entertain this and I don't even know what I'm looking at. Any script kiddies wanna give me the juice?
  14. Only if we can make certain users memes themselves.
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