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  1. Very nice, love seeing progress! I'm excited to see what the future holds for OSBot Cheers
  2. I think it depends on how much you intend to trade, and how often. Anything under a bil I see as safe. PVM splits land within that range. Anything over that amount I take a bit of caution. Use mems worlds for sure
  3. Could be. Also could’ve been flagged before you used it. There’s also a chance your ban could’ve been solely from botting, who knows
  4. You first, via PP Skype or disc me Thanks
  5. welcome fren! i've never received a trade ban, it is pretty rare. that's probably the least of your worries
  6. I don't have an answer for your question, but if you add a "+" at the end of the email name you can use that to register a new account. for example "...@gmail.com+1" "...@gmail.com+pure". those will all work to create new accounts if you don't mind them looking as such. hope that helps some
  7. T H C


    i love you 3000
  8. So i've been on hiatus for some months now, and I still see talk of zulrah here and there. I'm assuming it's still a viable method? Decent profit at least? thanks
  9. Remember what we're doing is against the rules. You're going to receive bans. Don't blame the client. This is the safest bot client I've used personally. Consider this experience and apply what you've learned to future botting strategies/techniques.
  10. Yes, I received no bans at all after switching locations
  11. Were you splashing at lumby castle? I’ve had quite a lot of splashing bans there, so I stopped using that location
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