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  1. Pure: Pure has Fire cape, DT complete, Mith Gloves Zerk: Fire Cape, Addy Gloves, Ardy 2 cape, rune defenders, Lunar Diplomacy
  2. https://gyazo.com/3990e327d36c56f9dd30afaac00ac190 200+ QP / rune pouch, slayer helm 6mish bank, nothing too crazy item wise. Really good starter account 100m / obo
  3. Signatures

    Combat Helper

    Fishing / Cooking monitor? Once youve stopped fishing it notifies Once you finish cooking an inventory of food it notifies
  4. @Jochem 45-70 slayer on a 75atk/80str/90def account? How much and how long?
  5. 4K actions and mines still laggy as fuck o.O @liverareanyway to fix this?
  6. Can i buy private script with this method for 3.87$? Sounds like a fair price to me!
  7. Never used the password I had before, already changed pass via site so should be good!
  8. Hmm, i got an email other day from osbot saying my acc was locked due to too many incorrect logins. Weird.
  9. Purchased a private script from Chris and am extremely happy with it, made it very quickly and is a really nice dude, thanks again!
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