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  1. I want to make tutorial??
  2. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope u make it
  3. Tigger

    Gold Prices

    Just a few people trying to get more for their gold
  4. title, come in osbot chat or pm ur discord edit: buying 10m now
  5. With osrs clearly dying (gold 0.6/m) what are some more profitable games to bot? If anyone knows any new games with some nice bots invite me I'll give you 30% off what i make thanks
  6. RIP, pray for Torronto https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/6125470/toronto-attack-van-incident-suspect-alek-minassian-latest-news/
  7. I'm gonna run a massive gold farm with over 100 bots pls give me
  8. and here I'm just waiting til 0.5 lol
  9. hey can i get a trial plz
  10. why i need to log into google to c tho
  11. can u unprivate the doc
  12. Tigger

    Gold Crash?

    how much gold gets traded a day i wonder 0.0
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