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H0rn's Feedback

  1. d23p left Positive feedback   

    Bought another account from him ! Legend ! A+++

    H0rn was The Seller

  2. d23p left Positive feedback   

    great guy to deal with, fast and easy trade. TRUSTED A++

    H0rn was The Seller

  3. sylo left Positive feedback   

    made me a script +1 good lad

    H0rn was The Seller

  4. emigdiodia left Positive feedback   

    Doing Avas, Fast and good :D a+

    H0rn was The Buyer

  5. killerd210 left Positive feedback   

    Very helpful, first time buying an account and he walked me through everything. Thanks again!

    H0rn was The Seller

  6. Furious 7 left Positive feedback   

    Did a quest for him, very nice guy to talk to! A+!

    H0rn was The Buyer

  7. B_unlimited left Positive feedback   

    Bought lvl 3 w/ halo, transaction was quick, would recommend

    H0rn was The Seller

  8. solace fury left Positive feedback   

    Bought tuts quickly and easily, would reccommend

    H0rn was The Seller

  9. silverfox1993 left Positive feedback   

    Bought some fresh level 3's! trade went smooth and fast will buy from again if need be!

    H0rn was The Seller

  10. Juggles left Positive feedback   

    Sold him a private script.

    H0rn was The Buyer

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