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Excellent Vorkath

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Want a trial activated?

Please leave a message under #request-a-trial in https://discord.gg/CGHsd4a




This script was created to fill the gap in the main end game content for OSBot.org.






I recommend that you currently bot with mirror mode. Please make sure to allow 'Allow script to override mirror mode settings'. I edit these values for the best script performance.


Support for the new OSBot mouse is available. Currently as of 12/23/20 I am testing possible mouse profiles to help with reducing script bans based on OSBot's 3.0 transition.


Please click the drop down below to see additional script recommendations and information.


Script Information to know:

- For construction cape support [Teleport to POH], you must have it in the inventory when you start the script.
- For Elite Fremennik Diary accounts you need to have Fremennik sea boots 4 in the inventory.
- More non rejuvenation pool accounts. I recommend having lobsters in the bank for eating to full after every trip if needed.
- The script recognizes all gear sets possible. If you run into an issue where your gear set didnt work LMK ASAP
- To prevent issues with the script interactions inside your POH make sure to enable this house setting Y7iqrNj.png 'Render doors as open'

- To prevent issues with gear recollection always have house teleport settings to 'Teleport inside' RFW1nSx.png
- Mirror mode support is available.

- All script information gets logged to a file in Users/You/OSBot/Data/Excellent Vorkath/logs/FILE
- Want to show off your dynamic signature? Grab yours by replacing NAME with your OSBot username in this link (Case sensitive): https://cnar.dev/projects/evorkath/users/NAME.png

All stop logout conditions:

- tracked profit > gui profit setting

- tracked kills > gui kill setting

- received a pet and gui setting is checked

- coins less than 100,000 in bank

- house teleports amount < 2 in bank

- less than a full inventory of food (checks if any free space left)

- if "FAILED TO REACH BANK" was triggered when the walk event failed to find a destination based on ur current players destination

- if "FAILED TO PAY FEE" was triggered but this is an extra failsafe if for some reason the bank check never triggered.

- if "[TRAVEL HANDLER] FAILED TO TRAVEL" was triggered


- Your house must be in Relleka [50 Construction]
- You must have at-least an altar and portal in your house minimum IF you are using house settings.
- You must have > 100k in your bank incase of deaths
- You must have House tabs in your bank incase of deaths
- You must have the magic levels for [CRUMBLE_UNDEAD_SPELL]
- You must have dust runes, law runes, chaos runes. Either in your bank for inventory holding OR rune pouch holding these runes.
- For blowpipe mode you must manually set your quick prayers [PROTECT_FROM_MAGIC + RIGOUR/EAGLE_EYE]
- For crossbow mode you must manually set your quick prayers [PROTECT_FROM_RANGE + RIGOUR/EAGLE_EYE]
- To enable cape or weapon swapping they must be in your inventory layout. (BGS, DWF, FIRE CAPE, etc)




Rune Pouch. The required runes for restock/ usage are: LAW RUNE, DUST RUNE, CHAOS RUNE. Laws can be removed if using a Construction cape.

You must start the script with a rune pouch otherwise it will default to carrying the runes needed.

Blowpipe mode

supports: BGS, DWH, Swapping to cape(fire, infernal), and swapping to melee void helm.

Blowpipe / BGS / DWH


Crossbow mode

supports: Main primary bolt or using ruby e / diamond e swap combination





How to save / load settings



Consumable settings:

- The consumables (food, potions, etc) that will be used during the script. 

Combat settings:

- Input decision to use either crossbow or blowpipe with customizable ammo fields.
- Select your special attack weapon type and leave it in the inventory! Pair it with a void melee helm, and fire cape if needed!

Travel settings:

- Use house nexus: Requires a house nexus inside your player owned house. 

- Use lunar port: Requires a lunar portal inside your player owned house that lets you teleport to Lunar Isle near the bank.

- Use rejuvination pool: Requires a rejuvenation pool inside your house.

- Use clan wars: Requires that you have teleport runes or rune pouch. Also have duel rings available in the bank. It will use the spell-book to teleport outside your house!
- Use refreshment pool: uses the refreshment pool at ferox enclave (clan wars)

It will take 1 dueling ring with you inside the inventory to teleport out so you dont waste a ring slot!


Condition settings:

- Stop when pet: Stops when it receives the vorkath pet. It will logout at the bank.
- Stop when we receive this amount of kills: Stops when it reaches x kills after it is done with a instance kill.
- Stop when we receive this amount of profit: Stop when it reaches x profit after it is done with a instance kill.

Instance conditions:

- Kills per instance: The number of kills per inventory before it should bank.
- Loot before leaving: This selection when enabled will attempt to loot any leftover dhides before teleporting out after a kill.
- Drink potions every kill: This selection when enabled will repot your consumables for a fresh kill.













Blowpipe only submitted by @Solitude


Blowpipe only, Rune darts


Blowpipe only, Rune darts





First Skeletal visage but price failed due to osbuddy! @Solitude









Client Version: Client Mode (Mirror/Injection):

Client Display: (Fixed / Resizable):

Description of Bug:

GUI Settings:

Output of Script Paint(Screenshot):

Client Logger output (OSBot/Data/ExcellentVorkath/Logs/LatestFileSinceError):


Join the discord to stay up to date with all of my scripts.

I have created the ExcellentScriptHub discord for bug reports, updates and statuses for all of my scripts!




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Script thread update
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Gear set up.

Note: If you're using EAGLE EYE 2 prayer potions will be more than enough. However if you're using RIGOUR you may want to consider 3. 

Bastion/Ranging potions can be used instead of Divine however this is not recommended for cost and kills p/hr.


Rune Pouch. This can be universal either way as dust runes are so cheap. Laws can be removed if using a Construction cape or house tabs.

Blowpipe / BGS

This method can be done without the BGS however you will notice a 2-3 kill per hour increase with the BGS. (Assuming high range level)



You can choose to take on Ruby Dragon bolts (e) if you want to.


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  • Added Dynamic Signature support (Test data added to top of main thread)
  • Added guide posted by @Solitude tyvm
  • Bandos godsword support implemented in blowpipe mode.
  • Bug fixes for house travel
  • Added kills per trip option.
  • Added Const. Cape teleport to POH when banking
  • Added house tab teleport to POH when banking



  • Add GUI guide for every action so no one gets confused.
  • Small script improvements and bug testing.
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Update v2.0:

  • Full rune pouch support
  • Blowpipe repairing is fully functional.
  • Traveling improvements have been done thanks to @Solitude feedback.
  • Banking bugs due to new implementations have been fixed thanks to a report from @Solitude
  • Support for resizable mode was tested and is in working condition. Will be doing more testing to verify full functionality
  • Fixed a small issue with data sending. It was not sending the correct total kills at the end of the script session
  • Updated the main script thread with gui setting information.
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Update v3.0:

- Updates to the collection traveling. Changes to pathing to lunar bank was done.

- Added default support for eat > 90% hp at bank. Default secondary food is lobsters. This will only apply if your not using a house restore that restores your HP.

- Doing small tweaks to the acid pool ticker phase. Looking for a smoother solution but all is well currently.

- Fixed a house logic bug that ignored restoring rejuv pool / pray at altar.

- Added blowpipe speccing when < 85% health and in combat. Does not apply to BGS/BP mode.

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Updates on reported bugs -> Excellent Vorkath v4.0

- Small change when special activates on blowpipe only conditions during the fighting. (More stop checks when a danger phase starts) [FIXED]

- Bank loop bug when on low food has been changed. (Reported by @FXp) [FIXED]

- Looting task ignored the profit of coins drop. It is now being tracked [FIXED]

- Added FKEY open Inventory support for non instance interactions [WORKING]

- Collection bug when inventory is full and there is only food in the collection box. Reported by @FXp [FIXED: If no equipable gear is available and collection only has food -> leave collection]

- Extended the ticker phase pathing to reduce clicking time. (originally path was too short when my condition checks were met to click the other end) [WORKING]

- Complete collection task rework [WORKING]

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