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  1. I have a 70 def 80+range/magic and animal mag done account also has 60 agility and 43 prayer. Perfect for barrows if interested. PM an offer if interested
  2. Is there any kind of demand for rune miners (85 miners) and if so how much do these normally go for?
  3. Understandable, just figured I’d throw the offer out there. Good luck man
  4. I know you said no bans but I have one I can sell you with 2 ban for half the price of Normal ones at 45m
  5. The following skills are offered...Please add my discord if you are interested in any of these - K9#3756 Attack/Strength/Defense/Range 60-99 - 6 gp/xp (via nmz..must have nmz access) Cooking 35-99 (wines) - 10 gp/xp Herblore 1-45 - 40 gp/xp 45-99 - 12 gp/xp (best potion option) Mining 15-99 - 50 gp/xp (powermining) Fletching 1-99 - 11 gp/xp (bows) Crafting 1-54 - 40 gp/xp 54-99 - 15 gp/xp (battlestaves) Magic 1-99 - 90m ( we can set a gp/xp based off different wanted levels) Agility 1-60 - 105 gp/xp 60-90 - 70 gp/xp 90-99 - 50 gp/xp Hunter 67-99 - 300m (black sallys/chins) (we can set up a gp/xp for different levels, I do not do 1-67) ANY OTHER SKILLS YOU NEED FEEL FREE TO ASK AND I MAY BE UP FOR IT DEPENDING ON THE SKILL AND LEVELS NEEDED ORDER FORM Your discord? What would you like to order? Have you added my discord? Do you agree to the Terms of Service? Terms of service 1. I train everything by hand. I do not bot or use any kind of scripts. 2. You must remove any excess wealth/gp from account prior to service start 3. You will not log into your account while it is being trained. 4. No refunds after your order has been started. 5. I am not responsible for any bans/mutes during or after the service, because I do not bot. 6. I will provide updates or screenshots if you ask for them. 7. I only accept payments in advance or using a Middleman 8. You will have to change your password after the service is completed.
  6. Thanks for the quick response!
  7. Request for master/worker. Can you make a setting for the worker part, where you tell them to bring earth talisman or no ( right now it auto brings earth talisman and it’s not always needed) this is for lavas.
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