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  1. not a major issue but i made a change in 44.0 Need to refresh the script selector a couple times and try again. whatever ui package osbot is using messes up my GUI. There are no plans to make it optional so im stuck with this
  2. then osbot is using ur email as the username in the API All i call to set the name is Client.getUsername() OR you arent stopping the script before closing the client.
  3. The logger should have more information of why it stops. there should be more printed than just this section
  4. New Mouse option will soon be the default and not be optional when OSBot 3 fully releases. There are no refunds. Getting banned isn't a valid reason either. Generic email they send to anyone who has been banned. It is also not a perm ban but a temp 2 day ban. Use the discord link for trial requests. Sure I guess
  5. Sorry if you tag me later today on discord in the same section i will get to them. I've been dealing with Work + School, so I want to relax and just do my own thing when i get home.
  6. you're also not using the recommended botting method 'Mirror Mode'
  7. yes. using the banker or the 'Return orb' Update VRK-43.0: Added a new stop condition: Time expired. It will stop the script when x minutes has been reached. Added a new instance condition: min food before leaving. Like the name suggests it will add another check for your food amount to see if it can proceed with another vorkath kill.
  8. Easiest way to draw areas is by using the position list. area.getPositions().forEach(pos -> { if (pos != null && pos.isVisible()) g.draw(p.getPolygon()); });
  9. Join my discord to get access to trials.
  10. For trials or issues: https://discord.gg/CGHsd4a
  11. khalalo doesnt go here he goes to a different school
  12. Fixed the side spacing for desktop. Changed Hero image and fixed FAQ section content for mobile/tablet
  13. Sounds good but actually getting it implemented will be a difficult task. AFAIK sales were done manually during holidays maybe Maldesto can correct me if he ever sees this
  14. woah woah woah slow down buddy i would be lucky to even get the page on the official home page i left most of everything filler just as a example of page improvements. touching up on web dev skills
  15. Added live view and dark mode colors Check again
  16. Work in progress This is my pallete so far https://coolors.co/1b1d1e-b40027-ffffff-848586-797b84 im changing it to dark mode as we speak
  17. Fixed image sizing for larger display Feature grid is centered
  18. Added pip images and centered the text. Also it has a loading animation lol. I'll probably let the animation start when they click the 'See More' button but it loads when you refresh the page. Going to increase the image size for tablet and greater sizes
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