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  1. New Mouse is enabled before launching the client? Sorry for the delayed response but I just got back from dealing with the hurricane in florida
  2. Join the discord and ping me when you need it.
  3. UPDATE VRK-57.0: Change: One eat action per walk sequence during acid phase. Added: a check to ignore attacking if the acid / fireball phase has started (Not always 100% but the check is there to ignore). (Sometimes it would eat food and then go to attack vorkath but a special phase has started.) Added: "Pool of Rejuvenation" to the list of supported pools in POH.
  4. Yeah true I guess I can put it in there. If needed I can give you another trial run for 48 hours just to be safe when you feel up to it. Just shoot me a dm in the discord
  5. yeah he pinged me in the discord when I was gone and then we went to PMs
  6. I have support to enable spellbook mode if you have law runes in your inventory at the start of the script. It WILL not grab more runes and will just stop at the bank when it runs out. I do not do any other checks and the script is not considered ironman friendly.
  7. getCharacterEquipment() check is failing based on the log and possibly due to you not starting mirror mode properly. Also, you need to be starting it at one of the bank modes, or relleka. Open osrs client to login screen Click add bot on the bot client and wait for mirror to hook THEN run the script OR login and run the script.
  8. List<String> itemsToLoot = Stream.of("Feather", "Bones").collect(Collectors.toList()); // Use streams to filter out anything not in our itemsToLoot and create a new collection. List<GroundItem> itemsOnTile = getGroundItems().get(targetTile.getX(), targetTile.getY()).stream() .filter(g -> g != null && itemsToLoot.contains(g.getName())) .collect(Collectors.toList()); // Check if there is anything available. if (!itemsOnTile.isEmpty()) { // We have items on this tile matching our filter. // Start looting. (Below is just a for each loop) for (GroundItem groundItem : itemsOnTile) { // Always null check when dealing with the OSBot api it will save you in the long run. if (groundItem != null && groundItem.interact("Take")) { new ConditionalSleep(3000) { @Override public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException { // item doesnt exist OR our players position is on the current tile (faster looting ig) return !groundItem.exists() || myPosition().equals(groundItem.getPosition()); } }.sleep(); } } } Added some comments but lmk if u need to understand something
  9. "Extended super antifire(4)", "Super antifire potion(4)", "Extended antifire(4)" "Anti-venom+(4)", "Anti-venom(4)" "Divine ranging potion(4)", "Divine bastion potion(4)", "Bastion potion(4)", "Ranging potion(4)" These are the options I have
  10. sorry been out for the week but I need some info.
  11. Chris


    too political
  12. UPDATE VRK-56.0: Fixed bug dealing with equipment check after banking. Disabled secondary food UI option for now. Made a change to avoid setting RoD inside the gear check so it doesnt throw the script off.
  13. UPDATE VRK-55.0: Updated the script logging name to remove email handle. testusr233@site.com -> testusr233 Updated the rune pouch check on script start. Updated the lumbridge upper bank area with a custom area to prevent a reported issue. Added a fail safe during death collection based on the script miss-clicking 'Travel' when talking to Torfinn to collect items.
  14. Its ok to ignore this type of error as it is due to the UI package osbot is using. Refresh the script selector until it is able to run again. Also as for your kills not updating, its probably using your email handle instead of your osbot username for some reason. Try fetching an image with your email and see if its valid java.lang.NullPointerException at org.pushingpixels.substance.internal.ui.SubstanceSpinnerUI.getPreferredSize(SubstanceSpinnerUI.java:258)
  15. Need to restart Mirror mode sometimes this happens and refresh the script selector. I would advise you to edit your log as it has your account email in there. I have it for debug purposes when users have multiple logins running but you must make sure to edit it out when posting on the forums.
  16. Try giving the java process higher priority if you are on windows. Also, make sure you are using the new mouse option when you load the client and let the script override mirror settings.
  17. Mirror Client failing to click. Need to reload Mirror Mode properly again and see if that fixes the issue. Close all clients / game windows Open the original osrs client to the login screen Open OSBotx.x.x.jar and select Mirror Mode, New Mouse Select Add Bot Wait for it to attach to the client Login / Start Script
  18. Yeah unless you have that feature toggled off the script will not account for it. If it gives a game message saying coins were added to the inventory then I can include that profit but I will need a picture of it.
  19. UPDATE DRG-31.0: Changes in safespotting interaction. Added a check to increment error counts when interaction is failing. >= 30 errors = script stop Added a check to attempt to walk back to safespot tile before stopping script.
  20. Update VRK-54.0: Updated logging file name structure and information logged on script start.
  21. Maybe a game update ill have to take a look
  22. is there not a isinteracting check or something u can use?
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