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  1. lol and when these sites disappear? this a gambling site shill post or something? SEO not enough?
  2. Can you send me your script log file. (inside the osbot folder -> script folder -> logs) There are multiple log outputs on why it stopped above 1) "You are attempting to start with your main bolt not equipped. Please check your equipment." 2) "You must specify a travel to bank location at this time. House nexus OR lunar house portal OR Clan Wars." Yes there is a Mirror Mode bug im looking into. Item checks are throwing Null pointers causing my failsafe of > 30 errors to trigger a logout. Your problem seems to be a client look and feel package issue.
  3. I print out in the logger on start up for any failures. It's fine how it is for the moment.
  4. UPDATE VRK-39.0: Added new items to the loot list. Fixed a naming error for fancy rejuv pool.
  5. UPDATE DRG-30.0: Fixed the CLI startup.
  6. IF this happens again can you send me the log file for that instance? Along with a GIF or video of it spamming the minimap please. Im going to report this to the mirror mode section when I have all the information. Added spirit seeds and brimstone keys
  7. This is the default way it handles loot and shouldnt be eating to pick up unnoted dhide. If you want it to pick up extra unnoted dhides before leaving there is a instance condition option you can set.
  8. Hi, yeah this is one of the many issues with Mirror Mode right now. It's doing some funky things with interactions in instanced areas and there is usually no errors in the logs. A quick solution would be to remove that item from the loot list. I will only support range. I can but hopefully it doesn't introduce the same problem when looting from two quotes above. You must start with the range equipment equipped. If you start with the meele helm or spec weapon equipped I have checks to warn you in the client logger and stop the script. Most s
  9. UPDATE VRK-38.0: Changes to GUI loading. Forgot to load in the value for the special attack weapon under blowpipe setting when you load script settings. Added more logging information on script start to debug future issues. Made some small changes to improve the start of the acid phase walk handler. Side Notes: - BGS / DWF is now working in mirror mode. Tested on the latest client with mirror mode on and it switched to spec just fine. - Looking into possible issue with death collection task. I need your script log file. the log file is located i
  10. it relies on osbuddy exchange being up at the time of downloading the file. you only have to download it once
  11. ya i dont check fields for validity i just throw errors. you have one of the number fields empty so its parsing nothing. yeah its broken because of mirror mode will just have to ignore it for now Are you using the new mouse option?
  12. Configs are like settings parsed from the game. Most of the things you do in the game have a config setting, such as turning on the run energy orb to 'On'. You can verify or debug such things with the OSBot client debug tools in the settings menu. It will be labeled 'Config debugger' or something similar. You can then read the what values are changing while playing the game. For example, say the main config value for the run orb is 107. Code Example: // Get the value of the config and store it as an integer value (Keeping the decimal format of the debugger) int value = getConfi
  13. Looks like ItemDefinitions failed to load when grabbing character equipment. I suggest doing a full mirror mode restart when this happens
  14. Delete your summary.json from C:\Users\USERNAME\OSBot\Data\Excellent Vorkath\ so that it can download item prices again.
  15. UPDATE VRK-37.0: Increase in mouse speed to improve script functionality. Nothing too major but will help with kill times and to support the bomb avoid phase. Updated the Vorkath fireball bomb avoidance phase. There are 2 improved cases that it checks before it moves to a new tile to avoid the bomb successfully, and they are all logged into the main script log file. Hopefully this will decrease the deaths that have been happening for a while in the script. Please leave any feedback in my discord under #feedback if you are still having issues. Updated the venom cure function
  16. ahh yeah i added a staff requirement a while back but ill remove it if it was working for this scenario v29.0 will revert my change and bring this functionality back
  17. The script will just use the break manager at this time. Are you using a regular staff weapon? (i.e, Staff of air,...fire, anything with "staff" in the name, etc) No, but I believe someone already made a script to support rune dragons.
  18. Yes, please do so as I increase the speed of the mouse when it is toggled on.
  19. Mirror client version v6.2.195 Console output / terminal output Crash report if a crash occurred: N/A Script that you ran: Excellent Dragons JVM/Browser bit version (32 / 64)
  20. are you using the new mouse option before starting the client
  21. downgrade from 291 osbot isnt running because of it OMEGALUL
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