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  1. @DobrikI can't send you a private message so I have to resort to this. Please don't try to recover this account. You are the original owner, at least you claimed to be, and I just received an email that you are trying to reset the password. If you are the original owner, that means you and I are the only ones that know the information on this account. You also said you're quitting and that's why you are selling this account but I see you've posted a dispute recently from someone who was supposed to do service for you. Please let's all live honestly @Gunmantagging a mod for visibility
  2. I made a script that requires to hop worlds frequently and I noticed that after a while OSRS client freezes and the osbot client would later on become unresponsive
  3. 1. Follow this tutorial! Script Development Setup 2. Create your base class script inside of src directory @ScriptManifest(name = "Example", author = "Example", version = 1.0, info = "Example", logo = "") class OsbotScriptTemplate : Script() { override fun onLoop(): Int { TODO("Not yet implemented") } } 3. Build your project. (Build > Build Project) 4. You should see a lib folder with a bunch of kotlin library in it 5. Go back to File > Project Structure > Artifacts, assuming you followed step one correctly, you should already have an artifact. If not, go back to step 1! 6. On the right side under Available Elements you should see KotlinJavaRuntime , right click on this, and select extract into Output Root 7. Rebuild your project, and you should now be able to run your Kotlin based script!
  4. Sorry only taking accounts with specified stats
  5. Buying accounts with 80+ fishing or 70 mining or 70 woodcutting and 70 fletching pm me here or reply to this post thank you
  6. Registered Runescape Logins: $0.05 each Tutorial Island Account: $0.15 each Starter Account (40 ATK/40 STR/40 DEF/30+ PRAYER): $1.00 ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE, BUY BULK AND GET A DISCOUNT! PRICE MATCH GUARANTEED, JUST SHOW ME PROOF All accounts have NO previous black marks/ban history STOCKS: Tutorial Island: IN STOCK Starting Melee Account: IN STOCK Registered Runescape Logins: IN STOCK (Screenshots can be provided for serious buyers ) ACCEPTED PAYMENTS: BTC/ETH/LTC/CRO (or just ask me and we shall see) RSGP at current market rate Need more assurance? Post below for questions or DM me through discord! EXTRA INFO: 1. All accounts are created with USA ISP IPs 2. All accounts have no previous ban records (Tutorial and Starting melees) 3. All accounts have UNREGISTERED email, originally created by me, and me only 4. Need custom accounts created? Hit me up! DISCORD: Nightlaro#2344 ID: 137749647488712704 PLEASE NOTE THAT I DO NOT DM FIRST, DO NOT GET SCAMMED!!!!
  7. I have accounts that are 40 atk 40 str 40 def 30+ prayer
  8. just because kotlin is less boilerplate
  9. Interesting! thanks for this resource, any additional ones would be greatly appreciated
  10. Has anybody done it? Writing OSBOT script in Kotlin? And does OSBOT client have any problem with Kotlin? I imagine anything that's written in Java is backward compatible with Kotlin right?
  11. Possible of roadmap to be made? and show community where we're at?
  12. Hi Can I get a trial as well
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