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  1. just because kotlin is less boilerplate
  2. Interesting! thanks for this resource, any additional ones would be greatly appreciated
  3. Has anybody done it? Writing OSBOT script in Kotlin? And does OSBOT client have any problem with Kotlin? I imagine anything that's written in Java is backward compatible with Kotlin right?
  4. Possible of roadmap to be made? and show community where we're at?
  5. Hi Can I get a trial as well
  6. does that mean lifetime on mirror mode VIP and hardware mouse or???? Edit: read the product info, that'll be a YES
  7. Shmeekz

    Perfect Thiever

    hey I think the bot is broken for fremenik citizen, on mirror mode, it just hovers over it and doesnt try to pickpocket. Also I was wondeing if this had blackjack supported, I didn't see it on the main post
  8. Shmeekz


    i know it takes a while to test this and make fixes since but any chance that this will be compatible with the new mirror mode?
  9. oh i was using rune animated haha
  10. possible to add a behavior? When fighting animated armor and while in the middle of the fight, player has run out of food, can it instead go bank to resupply for food and not try to fight the animated armor to the death? haha my character almost died with 5hp left had to stop script but totally love the whole collect and get deffender mode, but I dont think it is safe to leave it alone if it fights animated armor to the death. A true warrior mentality but I am a botter
  11. I am currently passed curry tree so I havent tried recently
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