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  1. Means that you dont have any teleports in your equipment setup
  2. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=java+random
  3. Start it at lunar bank Need to use Mirror Mode 100%
  4. fixed or resizable mode?
  5. UPDATE VRK-34.0: UPDATED the zoom control event. It was being skipped due to settings interface opening issue and now runs at the start of the script. UPDATED the Vorkath instance camera reset logic to make sure the bot client can click tiles properly with a clear birds eye view. REMOVED the instance reset feature when Vorkath does not load for a split second when using Mirror mode.
  6. For summer pie mode tied with the shortcut mode toggled, you only need ONE summer pie. If you are below 70 agility THEN it will try to summer pie boost to get past or equal to 70 to use the pipe. IF you have >=81 agility w/wo boost, it will attempt to use the wall jump. if those are not met then you cannot do the shortcut mode and should leave it off.
  7. Hi sorry for the late reply. Please send me the log file if this happens again.
  8. Chris

    Excellent Agility

    Sorry for the late reply. I added another check to make the interact walk.
  9. UPDATE VRK-33.0: FIXED an issue in clan wars mode where it would spam interact with the dueling ring when attempting to teleport. UPDATE to the mouse profile when the fireball phase starts. It will be quicker in the click speed time during that phase. Improvements based on testing. CHANGE: since mirror mode likes to be a pain in the ass (likes to count game messages twice), death tracker is now only counted after the TravelToCollection task has finished. (After it has collected the gear from Torfinn) CHANGE: made more changes for the loot before leaving option.
  10. UPDATE VRK-32.0: Fix to the Death Walking when using lunar bank. Added a check to make sure the bot did not accidently overfill the inventory.
  11. UPDATE VRK-31.0: UPDATE to the TravelToCollection task when under clan wars mode. Fixed it getting stuck and not able to go back to clan wars. FIXED a issue where during crossbow mode it would not attack after a kill. Caused by a logic issue when making 'Drink after every kill' optional. UPDATE to the walking events to trigger break conditions as priority. UPDATE to the clan wars bank area so that it will cancel walking earlier.
  12. UPDATE VRK-30.0 GUI overhaul with new additions Made the drinking after every kill optional in the new GUI Added a option to loot loose dhides before leaving after a kill in the new GUI FIXED a blowpipe recharging issue where it would bug out at the bank Added cape swapping when using blowpipe mode. Fire cape and Infernal cape were added. If you want a specific cape added please let me know. FIXED a issue where it would not drink prayer / venom during the acid phase due to a logic issue. FIXED a banking issue where it would always take fresh 4 dose p
  13. http://www.javadecompilers.com/
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