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  1. UPDATE VRK-36.0: Added a default 'None' option in blowpipe special attack menu list. So that no one is confused if they arent using a special attack weapon. Added elite clue scrolls to the lootlist. Other improvements.
  2. I'll add elite clues
  3. The main thread shows what dragons it supports. If a feature isnt working its recommended to leave a bug report so I can recreate the issue. Most of the time it is a user user by not starting at the correct safespot(s). All information for each mode is on the main thread.
  4. the teleports need to be in the equipment setup not the inventory setup.
  5. Hi.  Excellent Vorkath has stopped banking properly, it just opens the bank then closes it again.  I've checked all the items it needs are there and not sure what else it could be.  

    1. Skillo


      This has now resolved itself, idk what it was but its fine now

    2. Chris


      usually the logger will split out what its trying to grab. can you message me your log file in 


      C:\Users\computer_username\OSBot\Data\Excellent Vorkath\logs

  6. Can you send me a ingame pic of this happening? I want to try to recreate the scenario. If it gets stuck again take a picture of the client screen
  7. Are you using the latest stable client.
  8. At what point? which interactions? it should switch if you have the proper spec weapon in your inventory and you selected blowpipe mode in the script setting.
  9. Update LDK-11.0: Added: Burning amulet support as a different route. Simply add the burning amulet to your INVENTORY layout. It will walk the safest route possible around the nearby green dragons. Update: To the looting handler to prevent it getting idle when telegrabbing. before -> would get stuck on looting bag because it was added to the loot list Now -> it is ignored completely in the telegrab mode. Update: Failsafe check to the spell selection interface incase the game message action does not trigger a 'out of runes' response.
  10. Please fill out a bug report. A template can be found on the main thread or join my discord
  11. the script will run regardless if u have one on you or not when you have it enabled. Having it enabled will add it to the lootlist to be picked up IF you are not using the telegrab spot. No it doesnt loot gravestones
  12. that depends on the hub manager not the script itself
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