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  1. Fixed the side spacing for desktop. Changed Hero image and fixed FAQ section content for mobile/tablet
  2. Sounds good but actually getting it implemented will be a difficult task. AFAIK sales were done manually during holidays maybe Maldesto can correct me if he ever sees this
  3. woah woah woah slow down buddy i would be lucky to even get the page on the official home page i left most of everything filler just as a example of page improvements. touching up on web dev skills
  4. Added live view and dark mode colors Check again
  5. Work in progress This is my pallete so far https://coolors.co/1b1d1e-b40027-ffffff-848586-797b84 im changing it to dark mode as we speak
  6. Fixed image sizing for larger display Feature grid is centered
  7. Added pip images and centered the text. Also it has a loading animation lol. I'll probably let the animation start when they click the 'See More' button but it loads when you refresh the page. Going to increase the image size for tablet and greater sizes
  8. Source: https://github.com/christophernarciso/osbot-landing Live View: https://cnar.dev/projects/pages/osbot/ Feedback is welcomed. Loading screen animation
  9. show me the top part of your file log u can find the log file in\Users\UserName\OSBot\Data\Excellent Vorkath\logs
  10. UPDATE VRK-42.0: Updated the Looting task with the correct pricing when a noted item was looted. Due to noted items being a different ID, it was not being accounted for. This problem originated from the price guide switch to runelite over the rsbuddy exchange pricing. Updated the TravelToBank task for useClanWars mode. If you are currently fighting, venomed, or underattack the script will now teleport to the house first before proceeding back to ferox enclave. Updated the default string for Weapon Special to be "Bandos godsword" in the back end of the script for issues where it somehow is set to null. Updated the eating procedure in the Instance task to only be triggered when we are not in a special phase or the players healthpoints falls below 40. Updated the fireball avoid task. Updated the drinkAfterKill instance option to include venom potion. Updated the script GUI food comboboxes. Removed lower level food and set karambwan as a secondary for a future update. Updated the mirror mode reaction time. Added a inventory organization system that triggers when heading back to vorkath. The script will remember the setup on the start of the script ONLY if the inventory was setup ahead of time. What this means is that the script will check if the inventory is full then proceed to collect a list of your items slots in the inventory. This way the system is optional if you feel that it isnt needed.
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