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  1. Chris

    Combat Helper

    if I can find the exact time before it kicks you out I can make a timer alert
  2. Chris

    Combat Helper

    Should be running fine. Before release I tested it 100% at sand crabs...this is only a plugin so nothing really should change. Maybe rs is just kicking you out because you dont interact for a while
  3. Chris

    Combat Helper

    You are starting it on your sand crabs spot correct? You see the area grid around your player painted?
  4. Can you make a full bug report. the template is on the main page
  5. Glad you got your refund. Closing the case. @RSGOLD FAST Please update your threads so we dont have to deal with this in the future.
  6. @RSGOLD FAST Show me where on your main thread that you are required verification when payment. @thechuck I'm sorry your having issues but we have clear feedback rules. You have been issued a refund which is clearly stated in the thread. If you have not, then we can forward this to be an actual dispute if it seems its taking too long. Let me give you more information: Negative: Negative feedback is meant for trades to where you have not received the item you have paid for or someone has taken away money given to you for a service. This can also be left if the buyer and/or seller is extremely rude or demanding, these will be handled in a case by case scenario by the Staff Team. Neutral: Neutral feedback is meant for trades that were successful but you are left unsatisfied with how the trade was completed. For example, if you were treated harshly during the trade or the item was not as described, feel free to warn other members of the seller/buyer's attitude or service by leaving neutral feedback. This can also be applied if someone leads you on in a trade sets it up and keeps giving you the run around. Examples would be Telling you to go to this world, and you go there and they change worlds. Also changing locations, gp amount, agreeing to a deal and then trying to go back on it to get it for lower price.
  7. Not at the moment. I can look into adding it. Have you tried it yet? Because i just look for 'antifire' in the name
  8. Please complete this form Bug Report Template Status in the paint(Screenshot): Client Version: "Osbot x.x.x" Client Type(Mirror Mode OR Stealth Injection): Inventory layout: Equipment layout: GUI settings (Screenshot(s)): What is the error that is occurring in detail? How can I replicate this error? Logger output file(C:\\Users\YOU\OSBot\Data\legendarylavadragonsx-x-x.log):
  9. Ah. You could have messaged me the instant you were having issues. I have my discord available on the main thread. I forgot to clarify in the instructions that you need to have teleport outside of house enabled but now that the client supports new magic API I can now interact with the spellbook to teleport outside either way.
  10. yeah what gunman said. Logic error
  11. Can you explain the issue you were having? Was this issue occurring after reading over the information under 'Features' in the main thread? Were you on mirror mode? If so Mirror Mode is probably broken.
  12. Update v14.0: Changes to how the script restores health at the bank. New RS updates now let you eat while the bank is open. Added screenshot capabilities to all the important script stop actions so you can have your progress saved
  13. Updated: Changes to how the looting bag is used has been made. No longer will it use items onto the bag. It will now always keep the bag opened if it finds it closed during the looting process. Changes to equipment wearing for deathwalking to reflect the new RS bank changes. You can now equip gear inside the bank menu.
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