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  1. Muling is enabled through CLI if you read under 'CLI information' in the main thread it links to another forum thread showing how to run osbot with command line
  2. At all? or at what part?
  3. it shouldnt be slow. DO not use the new mouse option at the moment. it has a default profile that I have not changed
  4. slow internet maybe? it cant download the GUI resources
  5. use -login -autologin
  6. Im looking to find a good setting for the new mouse at the moment. More changes to come in the following week
  7. Please submit a bug report here in a reply or my discord. The template is on the first page.
  8. Sorry I have been very busy with work + school. I am more active in my discord if you can join. https://discord.gg/CGHsd4a In this place I have information where you can report bugs, etc.
  9. UPDATE LDK-9.0: Added the Target Worlds to the skip list when creating the worlds to hop to. Fixed an issue caused by the 'Avoid any player' option which caused the script to sit outside the corp cave. Issue was cause by script logic throwing Null Pointer Exceptions in the code that I have fixed. Fixed the 'Avoid any player' option to only scan past 35 wilderness. This to avoid the loop bug when it would constantly waste teleports outside the corp cave. Fixed the Stamina potion problem of it not drinking at all during the walking parts. Since game updates happens
  10. I was going to change it to whatever you have your quickprayers set at. It would be more simple to just enable quickprayer. Sorry for the late reply but i havnt had the chance to go through and see comments
  11. It should state the reason why it stopped in the logger. Try moving it to a bank location for your mode.
  12. sir this is a osbot scripting sub forum. not for personal projects
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