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    Graphics card burned out so made a Minecraft 1.8 server cause I was bored. EDM Raves are a life much love for martin garrix. Bought a few scripts they work fantastic.

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  1. @Alibabas Goldcheck his discord.
  2. Great script was able to bot from levels 35-90 within 2 weeks before receiving a temp 2 day ban was my fault didn't break much was testing it out. Great script overall was able to pull 8+ hour sessions. had issues were it would just walk through fires instead of putting them out no matter how many tiles I increased it by could not figure out why, and would just grab buckets over and over at random times simply just dropping some fixed it.
  3. Had this happen as well but the account was reset when I logged in. 12 days played joined 2700 days ago.
  4. Restarting osbot worked for me when that happened. its suppose to say install webwalking if its your first time using it.
  5. Can confirm was not running solo worlds and was on world 307. Yes it took multiple potions. Sent a private message with 2 gifs showing what it was doing.
  6. Had an issue that shortly after it world hopped it went to pickup the rejuvenation potion and got a full inventory. It did not attempt to start the minigame although it was a fresh one. I paused the script and changed back to the inventory and dropped the rest of them and it worked fine. Other then that great script currently 97fm on my iron.
  7. Looking forward to see what scripts you make, welcome!
  8. Can I get a trial as well please?
  9. the Santa hats are only worth 9.5k in osrs or do you mean you're selling a RS3 Santa hat?
  10. Can't wait to try this looks epic.
  11. https://gyazo.com/4ac477babcc86e27214a8ba872b29145 hit 90 construction after taking a break
  12. Oh have not enough people requested for it to be added? Seen people complete 5-73 hunter just bird houses.
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