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Should 7 day memberships be allowed to be sold?

Should mobile memberships be allowed to be sold?  

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  1. 1. Should they be allowed to be sold?

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Per @Maldesto's request.

7-day (mobile) memberships are created by starting a free membership trial when playing OSRS mobile through the Google Play Store. This can only be done once per Google Play account, and the Google Play subscription can be canceled afterward while still keeping the 7 days of membership. 

Unlike Twitch Primes, which can sometimes include cracked credit cards or use certain bins, the Google Play Store allows for different payment methods that don't require payment falsification. 

For a better guide:


The advantages of 7 day memberships are that they reduce the price of membership accounts from ~4m to ~1m, increasing profitability substantially for suicide methods and short-term accounts. 


What are your thoughts? Should they be allowed?

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Just now, Gunman said:

I would say yes. But I guess you could still be able to sell them as long as staff doesn't struggle with dealing with disputes for whatever reason. I personally wouldn't pay for it. I wouldn't trust them.

Then why did you vote no?

Fair enough. Do you see them as riskier than your standard tutorial island account?

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Just now, Mootopia said:

Id say they should be allowed, but if its done automatically (probably will be knowing naked) the memerbship should be applied as the accounts are sold. 

I agree, but I don't think you could make a requirement that they are done on demand, because it limits the little guys.

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