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  1. blowpipe and best range gear u can afford, I would say 2-3 ranging pots, 10 brews, rest of inventory super restores. additional info: You can bring a crossbow and bolts to tag the jad healers if you plan on tanking them but not needed. Edit: if it was my account, I would go get 70 prayer since it takes 1 day to get.
  2. needs to be level 30, you can purchase it off a site and resell to me for a profit but i'm only willing to spend 25m osgp on an account so make sure you don't spend too much. skins don't mean anything to me and won't add value to the account.
  3. it actually shouldn't be that hard to find out which account is yours when you posted what you typed in the appeal.. you also typed an estimate of your zulrah kc lol It would look something like this to reduce it to you -accounts banned this morning -accounts with zulrah kc between 300-500 kc -accounts that got a magic fang drop -accounts that made an appeal -accounts that made an appeal saying something similar to what you did. Maybe your lucky and other ppl with similar kc did the same exact thing you did but i highly doubt it.
  4. saying this to everyone isn't the smartest
  5. if you are worried about being banned i don't recommenced using any bot. You could do the same with any other bot and you are still going to be banned
  6. prove to me you can get a good amount of orders and I will consider joining
  7. how do you know when group im is coming out?
  8. 58-85 100m, 58-99 500m 30-75 minning 70m I don't know that time frame can someone put it into eastern timezone lol
  9. droid you probably should stay off the internet and go see a doctor.
  10. so if he does scam are you willing to pay for it
  11. 5m a cape discord is Lucifer#1667
  12. 12m discord is Lucifer#1667 kinda confused on your post if someone got it already lol
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