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    Like AFK in which sense? I know that for splashing to beat the AFK timer I had it change the mouse or camera angle or randomly right click an NPC or check the holy woodcutting exp
  2. this man is succeeding in getting the e-gains into irl-gains. new goal should be getting an e-girl to a real girl pooters
  3. One script I like to use is @Chris Excellent Vorkath Script, it has the utility to use house teleports and supports void and other combat equipment. The developer is on top of things and makes sure that bug fixes are fixed ASAP. Another script would be @Malcolm Woodcutter script. It cuts wood so fast and efficiently and the dev is kind of cute . @FuryShark is kinda cute too and makes good scripts too uwu
  4. 1 is the chad of all of them. if you vote for anything else you have the big sad.
  5. coming from a person that associates themselves with a dogshit scripter *cough* naked *cough*
  6. Coming from the guy that literally sits in discord jerking of @Malcolm @Medusa count me in papi chulo
  7. Hiyo welcome back, sorry you couldn't stay away forever. :)) OSRS is ok,
  8. i go vroom vroom with my hotwheels
  9. @Naked imagine having neutral feedback by being a db. no external tools btw
  10. Yessir, when Chatbox went down after a forums update for like 2 weeks we made a Discord, and then Mald decided to make it official.
  11. https://osbot.org/chat/ It's still there, but everyone has moved to the discord for OSBot.
  12. coincidence that czar changes picture and then suddenly everyone has babes as profile pictures? czar confirmed mastermind of malcolm, chris, and proton? ::boge:

    1. Czar


      Need to start changing it to dudes :doge: 

    2. Runnwith


      18 naked cowboys

  13. Let me give you the cummies you deserve.
  14. feelsgoodman, time for my gp to be worth doing services again
  15. yo we still doing shoes. I am a typical hypebeast that has no fashion sense. not included are the salmon, lundmarks, blue tints, butters, black friday red stripe beluga 2.0's and keith aspens. https://gyazo.com/ee9b2bfe1a7502c6d31b33c090bf289e
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