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  1. you are not allowed to sell accounts until 100 post count.
  2. 100m, never did it on uim. Going to have to tell me what you do with the loot
  3. i will do it for 10m 07 discord Lucifer#1667
  4. 15m for penance hat 20m for penance skirt 25m for void + helms 50-70 range 15m 60-65 attack 5m 60-65 str 5m 85m total for all the things i stated Can't do the farming stuff Discord is Lucifer#1667 if interested
  5. although I haven't reverse engineered any code myself. It appears as if their injection detection is indeed rudimentary as I have not heard anything about it you lose all credibility.
  6. we'll since the accounts/gear are the same when they go into the 1vs1 the account would have to have all the gear for the 1vs1s. I doubt there's going to be high demand. plus jagex looks at the accounts if they do win the tournament so if they see the account bought they will disqualify them.
  7. 100m for all 1-2 weeks for full completion, discord is Lucifer#1667
  8. What's the method to limiting hp other than quest? According to my math you will be around 73 hp and I don't think the quest will be enough xp to limit it to 56
  9. 30m discord is Lucifer#1667
  10. 39m discord is Lucifer#1667
  11. 350m +50m for supplies (whats left over is left on the account). ETA 2-3 weeks discord is Lucifer#1667
  12. fyi the "NOTHING THAT WILL GET THESE ACCOUNTS BANNED. " isn't feasible. Services are against rules and you can be banned for it.
  13. whats ur combat stats? this stuff should only take 15-20 hours (maybe less depending on teams) I charge 70m for all (i only accept osgp) can use mm if you want. Discord is Lucifer#1667
  14. yes, you just aren't allowed to sell it on osbot.
  15. I googled it and it should be or close to it, 200k-250k feathers for 50-99 . I didn't do the math but if you want to get more accurate you can just do it by xp
  16. 50m, about 2 weeks, discord is Lucifer#1667
  17. 40m maybe 2 weeks time, maybe faster. Discord is Lucifer#1667
  18. blowpipe and best range gear u can afford, I would say 2-3 ranging pots, 10 brews, rest of inventory super restores. additional info: You can bring a crossbow and bolts to tag the jad healers if you plan on tanking them but not needed. Edit: if it was my account, I would go get 70 prayer since it takes 1 day to get.
  19. needs to be level 30, you can purchase it off a site and resell to me for a profit but i'm only willing to spend 25m osgp on an account so make sure you don't spend too much. skins don't mean anything to me and won't add value to the account.
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