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Zulrah Scripts

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Anyone else find it weird that both guys that were making Zulrah scripts have magically disappeared without saying anything?


First DragonAlpha says that he is making a Zulrah script and then doesn't come online for 2 months.

Next Ethan makes a Zulrah script that is in Beta testing and he doesn't come online for 2 weeks?

I believe someone has a private Zulrah script and is paying these people off to quit their development and leave the site emote3.png 


emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif emote3.gif


Evidence 1:



Evidence 2:



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maybe they just finish their script and then realise that they already have made 5 accounts for testing and that they could just use the script to goldfarm for themselves instead of sharing and risking the script getting a higher banrate


This, or sold for a huge price for selling & keeping it secret.

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