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  1. Email ConfirmationWe are about to send an email with a link to reset your password to D********@y****.com. Do you have access to this email address? Not locked. I think it says something else when locked.
  2. Ive sold/bought gold for YEARS and havent received a single ban... I dont even use VPN/proxies for it, using just 1 account and im good.
  3. Edit to last post of mine. It didnt recognize his e-mail because it was server error somekind. Here is proof where it recognizes his hotmail email as backup email to yahoo. http://imgur.com/a/XPAXF
  4. Lol i just tested again to recover his info via entering his e-mail d******@@hotmail.com to Yahoo, now it doesnt regocnize it. Is video good that i made yesterday and lets close this deal? Im not recovering for him, sorry. Thats period answer from me. Even if it gets me banned but still i know i didnt get banned for scamming an kid who ruined account that i sold to someone and then asking refund + comp his purchases to the account and bank wealth.
  5. Ohhh i also forgot to add this. I tried also entering my e-mails to yahoo if it says same to make yahoo account but it didnt even recognize the e-mails. Means you have Yahoo or Had the backup e-mail as the one. Otherwise it would say it doesnt recognize. Ty
  6. Probably because im not from country that uses english. Thanks. I dont think anyone else could make Yahoo account with your e-mail on hotmail. I dont have the infos anymore. ONLY person who has the infos now is DALE aka GameCube. Im not gonna also recover the account even if he gives me info. Why? Because all this bs seems real fishy, when he even gives me infos, ill do recovery and hand over the account and its empty yet he claimed to have 90m on the account and blame me on taking it after recovery is even worse for me. Im not taking this chance. Yesterday he could unlock the account to another e-mail(yahoo) so then he can recover it again if he wants. Only he is the one person who can recover the account. I dont know what else to say... All i can say that all on this GameCube's dispute is BS. Even more fishy is that, that he claimed to not have yahoo 100% yet i could send him the recovery thing about forgotten info. If needed, i vidded the progress exactly like i was suppost to incase he changes up some backup e-mail to his yahoo im willing to upload vid and provide that here. Thats it from my part.
  7. Ohh also he claimed not to own an Yahoo account. Apperantly he owns one, tryed doing "trouble logging in" or something and entered his hotmail that he gave me and well well well, recovery code has been sent to him.
  8. so today morning, like 12hours i get Skype message from Dale who send me pic of account being locked, since im leaving out to work 7.10 at my time to catch a tram 7.14 then i did quick look for the unlock form. It tõld me that the e-mail will be sent to d*****@h****.com obviously Hotmail. I tõld him to try unlocking because he has e-mail Access to the same e-mail he wanted me to change it and he has the infos as well. then like 5-6 hours later i check my phone at work and message from Dale again where he sends me pic where the e-mail shows as d*****@y****.com and obviously its yahoo (dont know anything else that starts with y thats why). So im thinking, i checked stats, accounts def been basically done 7 to 20. he either got bored of the account, accidently ruined it or trying to just fuck me over and make me pay extra to him since he tõld he had 90m worth of stuff on it if im not mistaking. /// Thats a paste of what ive posted on skype to dale whos apperantly named after Dale Locey and weirdly the e-mails also start with a big D.
  9. Starcraft

    Obby mauler

  10. Aint nothing good coming from him being president. I feel bad for US people. Dollar gonna drop hard i heard
  11. 1. Pictures of the account stats 2. Pictures of the login details 3. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) On 1st picture 2,6M 4. Pictures of the quests completed No quests done except Dwarfs Cannon 5. The price you will be starting bids at No starting BID 6. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account No AUTOWIN. 7. The methods of payment you are accepting OSRS GP / Skrill 8. Your trading conditions You go first or we use trusted middleman, i can pay FEE's. 9. Pictures of the account status 10. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the original owner, i have bought the services for STR training long time ago. Account basically been standing for over 50+ days. New owner will have every single information with the account + the Gmail account and the infos there. Thanks. My skype is: Trap.Apos Feel free to post below, pm or just add my skype.
  12. Im the accounts OO. Im not gonna contact fag0x right away, im sure they will know that something fishy is going on. Give it a week or so, then ill contact fag0x about the acc being hijacked and banned.
  13. straight back to the spamming word :'D
  14. I dont play no games, only RS xd
  15. Thats so mean of you noticing that fat woman. I was laughing over that dude...
  16. i lol'd hard and had to share https://www.facebook.com/alen.asani.94/posts/865614280242047
  17. Also i wonder where did decodes post dissapear where he told me to refund or get banned...? Something fishy around here
  18. ... Im at work right now, will be home in Like 4-6h, depends how long day i will do and tbh he can unlock himself via e-mail easily. Lets wait what is he gonna tell.
  19. How can you be a mod if basically forcing me to refund while he admit on getting the acc locked himself? You dont seem to know why the accounts get locked uh? Let me clear up just for you: Since hes new owner on totally new ip and trying to recovery test account and gets declined by the system. Obv jag locks te acc
  20. If every single person can do just appeal like that for the account he has bought and doesnt like, its so simple for someone new, come here, buy expensive AF account with mad bank. Play with it 24h, open up dispute and claim its locked and does dispute and asks money back when at the same time he cleaned out bank, maybe even RE-SOLD the account but got scammed or maybe not, so doubles up his money IRL... Staff should look at it in my point of view as well not just from his point of view.
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