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Older Accounts ban-proof?


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I recently started botting on an old account of mine. By old I mean I created it in 2010.

I've logged maybe 10 hours total on the account over 2 days so far, all of it botting.

This was also the first time that I used this account for OSRS, so I botted it fresh off tutorial island.

My question is: Are older account immune to being banned? Or have an extremely low ban rate?

Knock on wood, but I think as long as I take reasonable precautions I can bot for a while without attracting attention.

What do you think?

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I wouldnt actually say they are "immune" to being banned. I created my account in 2006 with my friend. Ive played legit and botted time to time. Usually it depends what you are botting. My friend botted a money making method (I think it was planks) and got 2 day ban. What I can say though is that Older account is more likely to get 2 day ban than a Perma Ban (THIS IS JUST WHAT I THINK). Though ive seen mains get perma but very low chance.


Short answer; No they are not immune. But there could be a lower risk of getting perma (what i think)

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