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  1. this is actually pretty good i have a fwb that's learning russian. i'm sure this'll help thx ban evader
  2. oh look, you're a massive cunt in every sub-forums what a shocker
  3. sponsor privilege allows me to hide my own threads, nice bait though
  4. just when I was considering buying gp from you
  5. how do u do fellow teens
  6. skype: enzai. only willing to go first for trusted people you can also pm me through here
  7. I'm leaving and don't really have any time left to update stuff. Here's the source. My suggestion is just removing the pots only option and withdrawing potions based on how many checkboxes have been selected.
  8. Currently it's eating at 50% or less. Yaks have a maximum hit of 2, so you've got nothing to worry about. I'll raise it up to 70% just for the peace of mind anyways. I'll check out the pots only mode in a sec here. Update should be released within half an hour. I appreciate you posting this info!
  9. A tutorial that hasn't even been tested? Why?
  10. You guys need to chill, this is the price check forum, not have 5 people post that he can't sell yet forum. I'd personally pay 50-60m.
  11. okay... spamming the same posts all day.. here we come 100pc scam
  12. baldesto pls I assist in the scripting help sub-forum once in a blue moon, i'm sure that counts alek never looks at the s2 application sub-forum
  13. You don't watch anime and yet you're annoying. Odd how that works.
  14. I don't see what's wrong with Anime, much less Gintama. It's beyond hilarious and certainly has it's moments.
  15. lifetime sponsor willing to commit to the cause
  16. seriously tho, the first time I saw her tumblr omg i mean.. autocorrect???
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