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  1. I've sent the Evidence. I'm willing to pay the full amount back when I have a job/some kind of money income. My Skype have been given to Yak and Solutions. For now I guess I'll get banned until it's paid back. I apologise for how this turned out.
  2. I messaged Yak a little more about the situation and what happened. I currently literally have £0 in real life. The situation is I intend on refunding him the FULL amount - but the only way I can pay him back is when I get some money or find a job. Which could be this week, a few weeks, a month even. Depends on how lucky I get job hunting. I told Yak if he adds me on Skype, I can keep him updated on the situation as I know I'll get banned because I currently have no way of sending or giving him any money. I could also provide proof that the account actually isn't mine and it's my "friends", with Skype chatlogs with him. I know this is my fault and I shouldn't of lied. I'm willing to take the ban until I pay him back. If this is a possible arrangement?
  3. Well, I'm going to be honest here. I said I was the original owner of the account. When I'm not, my friend is - he wanted me to sell his zerker for him as we both owned it, the RSN was mine as well. So I decided to sell it for him and claimed I was the original owner since it would be easier to sell, because me stupidly enough to think that my "friend" wouldn't recover the account. He said he was going to recover it and I pretty much begged him not to, he said he wouldn't. So I'm guessing he's recovered it which is sad. I honestly don't know what to say other than how much would I have to refund to not get banned? OSbot has been my main way of making money for these past few months as I don't have a job, so every little bit of money I've made I've had to sell for IRL money to pay for my bills/ect. I apologise for whats happened and I never should of claimed that I was the OO. I just needed money and we both agreed to sell the account/not recover.
  4. Not your fault, RIP tho
  5. Harry

    f2p pure

    2-3 days of botting which could easily result in a ban, this is probably hand done Edit: 10-13m
  6. Low fps/lag can make the script lag, which causes you to lose out on xp/money since you're lagging and it's not running efficient low-cpu mode is good though if you're using a lot of cpu/getting lag spikes. It'll run a little slower but its good if you're using a lot of bots
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