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  1. That they will address toxicity in the game... i.e. harassment, swearing, player abuse n that kinda stuff
  2. I don't think @Decode stuttered. It's not about what you do or don't want explained. 6 hours left.
  3. It's probably because you're not a VIP. Did your payment actually go through? Moved to correct section.
  4. Doesn't seem like an account I'd personally try to bot on tbh, such a shame
  5. Honestly all of the above answers are correct; most of these servicers offer several types of capes; -Yolo it, which wil practically always get it removed -VPN it, which still has a decent chance of it being removed -Remote desktop it, which has the lowest but still an existing chance of it being removed. Choose someone you trust, and be aware of the risks involved!
  6. w0t. Are there any purchases on this account you would like transferred? This one would be banned, and the purchases transferred to your old one.
  7. From the screenshots you sent. Where he mentioned 3+ times he was working on it. That and the fact he sent your screenshots of the proxies actually working for him.
  8. Please refer to this one! I'll drop a follow so I get notified when you reply
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