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  1. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/104268-disputed-trump/ ya can remove the twc from him he has pay me the money ty to the member @Services not trump
  2. I was just showing u lmao.. and I can't prove anything to Solution either since that case is closed alrdy.
  3. tysm for sharing this. many people have their brain burned including my head that I couldn't add anything of this pict. but after looking so many time the pict when u created the rs acc it came to my head the day it was created. but I just notice u just killed ur self. can u explain the second pict what it have to do with this case? and yeah I mean this pict http://prntscr.com/c7vezl
  4. this is solution account http://prntscr.com/c7v8pi if u see no rsn show in there because as soon it lvl up osbuddy take a autopict.
  5. yeah they hide the whole picts of solution rsn. but again it was worthless. and yeah I know about the cunt part was just a jk hhahaaha
  6. The only part that was cropped was Solution rsn name or u would like to show everyone ur rsn in public? they even hide the pict that wasn't crop. because solution rsn was there. and bitch I never call u cunt =.= not even on skype when we were talking about the other thing lmao. those^^^ are the exact picts I showed but ofc Solution acc picts. look at the current disputed even though I have its worthless. because they think I use other bot site. the only bot site I know is dbot/No advertising/osbot/ and Advertising other bots isn't allowed. but if u go to dbot/Advertising other bots isn't allowed. u will see the last days I was there.
  7. I did ur service legit every pict I had it. I till got fucked? so yeah its worthless
  8. what about in nmz? u can't just enter again and pretend to have done by hand. because in nmz u get nmz points every time u kill a monster. so if u enter again in nmz and kill 1-3 monster for the lvl it can tell by the nmz points. look at me in the disputed. even though I have every proof I use osbuddy its worthless. in other words osbuddy is useless.
  9. if u think am going to scam 38m when u are so fking wrong. am doing 3 B gloves orders am holding in my hand 450m +20m extra from a small order with is b gloves too. and while we talking am doing it while am also shaking. u want ur money so badly when ur the one who botted ur own acc. yup keep going down by like 5-6 more but again u pm me http://prntscr.com/c7ue8d
  10. first off the nmz package was completed around 5 days after he gave me the account again http://prntscr.com/c7u3ke <== proof when the nmz package was done. he was till at his house not on vacation yet and the account was perfectly done by hand. now if ya see the FB he put in this disputed http://osbot.org/forum/topic/104255-dispute-on-devry123-vol2/ that was after 5 days since it took me 2 days to get 71-75 att/str and then he gave me the FB. now if ya also see the disputed u guys can check IP when he was on vacation during that time. it was when he gave me the second order for the nmz powerlvl. with he also was playing on the account. now if ya think about this he was on a different IP easy for him to bot and ofc the dang ban got squashed because he wasn't at his house he was "ON VACATION"
  11. I lost count of all animes I've watched lol. this include manga I have been reading too lol. be careful or Ainz Ooal will visit u in ur bedroom
  12. good question I want to know this too lol. since am starting a farm too xD. but am using proxy though. so if I use proxy for every account I bot there is no way I would get banned on my main right guys?
  13. tbh ya should update that rule and it should be 200 post count and have the account at least for 2+ months before they are able to sell a account. that for sure would decrease the amount of scams. ik people wont like my idea. so fked it they can suck it up xD
  14. I had a question since service is only refunding me 10.75m. then trump if he want to get un banned he would need to re pay me 14.25m plus 5.5m for the other account correct "I know he wont come back but just to leave a note next to his name"? because the account I bought from service was for 25m. not 21.5m.
  15. 160m u will need to provide a cannon too. and a range weapon so if u are lvl 75 range blowpipe with mithril dart will be good atm am in a disputed though so just wait until is solved if u decide to pick me
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