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  1. its been awhile since rewrite was on the cards.
  2. Thanks for the reply man , could i get a trail
  3. Hey patrick ! any user proggies for this ? and any reported bans thus far ?
  4. I just bought it ! Can't wait to try your script mate!
  5. Bought Lifetime Sponser Merry Christmas Everyone!
  6. I bought this script in April ... however its been removed from my SDN ...
  7. From what i gather you got banned 2 day temp ban yeah?
  8. I am interested in your methods . Pming you.
  9. Works really well if you know how to use it :) 97 agility here i come!
  10. yeah uses the bones one at a time now after v1.8
  11. U my xp

    Maxed lvl 3

    Fast but expensive skills . Con has a high ban rate too. ppl who buy maxed skillers use them mainly to show off.. bragging rights... , make some easy cash -(aka hunter ) .. less likely to be hassled in wild by pkers . Alot of potential in pvp worlds too . It would be worth alot .
  12. U my xp

    Maxed lvl 3

    so crafting and herb and con? will go for a huge price just for those skills - + the time and effort . upwards of 500m .
  13. U my xp

    Stealth Quester

    /facepalm .... Can you read One post wonder? a little bit of reading goes a long way.
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