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OSBot 2.3.42 - Mid-week bug fixes


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The Mirror Client BETA testing has been going quite well considering how massive the project is. Thank you to everyone who is making bug reports as we transition from the beta versions to stable versions. @MGI made a ton of patches this release to the mirror client and the list is far too large to contain in this post. Once again, thanks for all the support and continue making bug reports for both the mirror mode and standard mode.




@Alek's updates:

-Added more dialogues

-Deprecated InterfaceComparator

-Added WidgetComparator


@MGI's updates:

-Mirror client fixes


Edit: There was a corrupt version on the server. If you are having issues please re-download.


Happy Botting

-The OSBot Staff

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  • Developer

Is there any noticeable difference in how a script ran through the mirror client (behaviorally) interacts with the game, as opposed to the regular client? I have yet to try it. Thanks

There should be no difference. However because the mirror client is relatively new there might be bugs with correctly transmitting hook values. In that case these bugs should be reported and will get fixed. But the scripts are ran by the same engine as the standard mode.




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