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  1. Nice to see you back. Super simple but chillen
  2. Does the snake get bigger? Nice ltitle game you got there
  3. No offense but I know what I'm talking about......I got this off of google...If u have used multiple if statements then if the condition is true all will be executed and if u have used if and else if combination only one will be executed where first comes the true value Second, break statements are used to break loops for example a while loop, for loop, do while loops. What he has there is probably under the onLoop and the onLoop isn't really a loop statement like I posted above, but rather an int method that just ge re looped by the client..........
  4. Use a rectangle and do Rectangle.contains (event.getPosition ())
  5. private void conditionalSleep(int amount, boolean condition) { new ConditionalSleep(amount) { @Override public boolean condition() throws InterruptedException { return condition; } }.sleep(); } you wont find the doc in the api but the class and interface are there. I use them in my script
  6. you should really null check that widget before calling its isVisible(). incase you think you did. I have to tell you, you didn't. The idea: RS2Widget wid = getWidget(#,#); if (wid == null) { //the widget is null } else { //its not null if (wid.isVisible()) { //whatever........ } } here the method I use public boolean canEnterAmount() { RS2Widget w = getWidgets().getWidgetContainingText(162, "Enter amount:"); return w != null && w.isVisible(); } //this is what I normally do if (!canEnterAmount()) { //interact with something until it pops up } else { getKeyboard().typeString("5", canEnterAmount()); } that Boolean after the "5" is there as a failsafe so incase you type in the chatbox. The message doesn't get sent out
  7. instead of this boolean if (x > 413 && x < 471 && y > 388 && y < 458) { ​ you could grab the position of the click. Use the shape of your button and see if the click is within the shape. be sides that your good.
  8. new Area(0,0,0,0).setPlane(0) Op btw you are trying to make a 2d array that's why your messing up Example got from link above String[][] names = { {"Mr. ", "Mrs. ", "Ms. "}, {"Smith", "Jones"} }; // Mr. Smith System.out.println(names[0][0] + names[1][0]); // Ms. Jones System.out.println(names[0][2] + names[1][1]);
  9. Joseph


    I meant I couldn't find the random method. But then I remember about method provider
  10. Joseph


    hat random method did you use cant seem to find one.
  11. ya man, I use to have a enum of the spells and the runes needed
  12. What he said and add a sleep after the interact method
  13. Right click open in a new tab
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