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  1. Proxies show up as a data center and makes it obvious you're trying to hide something from Jagex. Using them is begging to get banned.
  2. I'm in the USA. Should I just say I got hacked in a game and my tech guy said to call and get IP changed?
  3. So I followed Aleks guide botting no more than 2 hours a day and mixing up skills. Did some by hand. Used a proxy that I bought from D Bolter since my normal IP is flagged. After doing all of that I was account locked and then banned within a week. Can Jagex tell that you're using a data center proxy? Are proxies mainly for gold farmers who just want to milk an account and accept the ban? I personally want to make custom accounts and sell them. Quality over quantity type thing. Am I better off calling ISP and getting a new IP address or buying an expensive residential proxy? Thanks for any advice given.
  4. Will this script switch between skills? Like can I get it to get 10, 10, 10?
  5. https://i.gyazo.com/a7e5908f1c914008b642c9247f97c6fd.mp4
  6. This was not me. Not sure if this account has been hacked or what. I haven't logged into osbot in like 6 months. Changing password now. I would not risk lifetime sponsor over 50m. Please check ip logs or something.
  7. Fused

    Molly's Tanner

    Keeps saying not enough coins and logging me out. I do have coins. Not a lot but I do have enough to do plain soft leather.
  8. If I bought this before it was one time purchase do I have to buy again?
  9. Are the redwoods gonna be fixed soon?
  10. Ok I tested the heroes guild and it does work. I didn't know I needed to have the ring of dueling equipped. I had a ring of wealth. Taverly Blue dragons are also working. I'm using the safe spots you said to use now instead of the other safe spot in the cave. I'm happy with the script now. Sorry for not checking into it a bit more. Thanks Edit: Is there a certain place I need to stand at black dragons in Taverly? I still get stuck at pipe.
  11. No it does not want to walk back to fightzone. Also the looting is very bot like. This script used to be amazing but I'd avoid it now.
  12. Black dragons are not working correctly. As soon as I get through the pipe shortcut at taverly dungeon it says arrived at destination and just pauses. Tried it outside of mirror mode and it did the same thing. https://gyazo.com/ddf3e30b6046689dc4776e7e3664b463
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