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  1. im looking to get the fighter torso, do you take rsgp aswell or just dollars?

  2. just make it an exception to pass the anti virus
  3. and people wonder why i want to leave full of toxic this community and its the well known people are are the toxic ones making new users want to choose another site
  4. ♚ Buying 07 gold ♚ 1-20m @0.96c 21-100m @$1 100+ @$1.03 (fee's covered by me) ​Skype:Kalemscott
  5. #the new Darth Vader I presume
  6. Should be fine your username was offensive or u have not logged in for a good amount of time
  7. kalemscott

    im sowy

    Your not allowed to sell methods
  8. You can clearly tell the difference when I'm on my phone or computer anyways even if my grammar is not great does that mean I can't be apart of this community??? Your suppose to support the site not drag it down with you and your crew with there sly remarks
  9. Just because I have slot of typos and don't use punctuation does not mean my grammar is bad I type on my phone if u ever texted someone before you would know what predicted text is example:Coz =because If you really don't want me to be In the community I won't I don't care if I'm accepted or not the matter is that you one bum rape dbuff for some reason when he's a clown who need to get evidence before pointing fingers either that or your all desperate to please someone as you have 0 leadership skills and opt to be a follower
  10. You are all sheep you wonder why the community is the way it is and when you get so many scammers its because people like you make them feel like they should not be in the community you make people feel unwelcome if that's what u do for the community god help your social skills
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