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  1. MGI

    MirrorClient v6.0

    Have you uninstalled your old launcher and installed the latest one?
  2. MGI

    MirrorClient v6.0

    What happens exactly?
  3. MGI

    MirrorClient v6.0

    Release notes (6.0): Lots of bug fixes and performance optimizations regarding objects/npcs/widgets. Fixed rare cases where client would crash/freeze. Now supports attaching to RuneLite (windows only) Regarding RuneLite: This feature was added due to overwhelming amount of requests for it, however it is certainly not recommended to bot using RuneLite, because it is a third party client that could potentially compromise part of protections that mirror provides. If bot does not attach to RuneLite: Make sure you have latest RuneLite launcher installed. If RuneLite client keeps closing when attaching: Make sure you have latest RuneLite launcher installed (uninstall the old one and then install latest one) If that doesn't help, copy the whole RuneLite directory (with the runelite.exe file in it) to your desktop folder and launch it from there If game screen stays black: Disable GPU rendering plugin in RuneLite.
  4. MGI

    MirrorClient v5.0

    Jagex official client on windows comes with outdated 32bit java7 jvm, mirror does not 'force' anything. You can run official client on 64bit java8 jvm, however then you will no longer be running it on 'official' configuration. Also is windows running under virtual machine or bare hardware? How many cores does your cpu have?
  5. Need full specs of the machine running it (os, cpu, etc)
  6. MGI

    MirrorClient v5.0

    Release notes (5.0): Fixed memory leaks that would gradually increase memory usage over time. Fixed certain crashes/glitches that would occur mostly in version 4.0.
  7. Was able to track down the bug, a fix (v4.1) will be available today/tomorrow
  8. Is it rather a rare occurrence or frequent?
  9. 1anter

    you alive ?

  10. Still happens? What is your osbot version?
  11. Did this happen on 3.X version? Or just starting 4.X which was released yesterday?
  12. Update should be live now
  13. It will use more memory than vanilla, that's not avoidable. Does it stabilize at ~1.5gb after time? What is the max it keeps rising up to? It may appear as a memory leak though that is most likely just a result of caches slowly filling up until full
  14. Release notes (4.0): Greatly improved interface related interactions performance Reduced CPU usage in certain situations (especially for MAC users or those with slower computers) No more LAG/FPS drops in certain situations (especially for MAC users or those with slower computers) Reduced RAM usage in certain situations Mirror settings moved to main settings interface and now can be saved and persist between restarts. Scripters can now take advantage of the ability to adjust the reaction/fps on the fly. (It will take them some time to implement it into their scripts though) Make sure to download the latest stable build to take full advantage of new features and the ability to set the settings. (SHIFT+F4 will not work anymore) (Note: the actual release will happen in few hours, make sure the version shows v4.0 when trying it out)
  15. Does it report non placeholder items correctly?
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