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Exco Slayer

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Exco Slayer

The script is live and can be purchased Here!

Trials are available by commenting on this thread.

Current version: 1.02



Supported Slayer Masters: Turael, Spria, Mazchna, Vannaka, Chaeldar, Konar, Steve/Nieve & Duradel

Multiple monsters available per assignment, configurable which to focus (lowest / highest level / closest or random).

Full prayer support for all monsters (Uses prayer potions and/or restores prayer at altars).

Monster specific gear, food and combat profiles.

Full boost potions support.

Support for superior monsters.

Progression system to automatically upgrade slayer master.

Buys items from Grand Exchange or Slayer Master.

Full teleport, charter and fairy ring (dramen staff and lunar staff) support.

Brings (and equips) monster specific items when applicable.

Cures poison and brings and buys antipoison & antifire potions if needed.

Safespots for supported monsters.

Advanced looting system.

Buries bones and uses bones to peaches.

Can skip assignments at Turael or via points.

Gets new assignment after completion via Slayer Master.

Uses enchanted gem to check for assignments.


Unsupported monsters


 List of missing monsters for all slayer masters:

- Adamant dragon

- Rune dragon

- Minions of scarabas



 The better your stats/unlocks, the better the script will run.

 Have the following items in the bank if you do not skip certain tasks:

 - Lunar/dramen staff

 - A light source (Lit bullseye lantern, sapphire lantern, emerald lantern or mining helmet)

 - Lit bug lantern

 - Dusty key

 - Wolfbane

 - Elemental/mind shield






Bug Reports:


Bug reports not in this format will be ignored:

Script Version:

OSBot Version:

Stealth Injection or Mirror mode:

Brief description of the issue:

Stack trace and or contents of Logger:

Screenshot where it got stuck:

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