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  1. Hey @FuryShark, did you get the chance to have a look at this? :):):)
  2. Im not using proxies, just my regular IP address. I bot some mirror modes etc in the meantime which are not getting banned instantly/some take days even. I've tried purchasing a proxy, but I get the error 15 code when creating an acc, and when botting on an acc I made with my own IP I get the locked out after a few minutes. I just find it strange that I can't even bot tut island and then a gold farm method for like 1 hour to then trade everything over, I get banned when I logout after the hour pretty much 99% of the time...
  3. Yeah, this might be true tbh. I used to bot F2P just for lolz for like a 3 months ago and I used to be able to atleast bot like 3 hours. Now it's basically an instant ban after the first logout tbh... Tried doing tutorial manually, tried running mirror tut, but no matter what when I run stealth it's pretty much a guaranteed ban...
  4. I might be able to make these for you. Depends on price/time needed though. Feel free to PM me or add me on Discord.
  5. Ohhh haha alright thats nice. What you working on atm? I can help you testing or so if you'd want. Also; feel free to add me on Discord. Perhaps I can think of some easy scripts I would buy from you as a private scripter to start off
  6. Oh wow really, that sucks. You planning on bringing it back up/had a back-up somewhere, or not bringing the hiscores back? Great, would be nice if death is supported Thanks!!
  7. Hey @StaticSyntax, not sure if this is doable but something that would make the script insane is if it were to support GE. For example, you create an acc, do tutorial island and then run this script. The script would use the bronze axe to chop logs till like level 15, then go to GE and sell everything and buys Steel/Mithril/Adamant axe with the cash and then goes on till a certain level etc. Basically, the same you're doing now, but instead you having to trade over axes it would use the first levels to buy them itself. That way you can run the script straight from tut
  8. Yooo WB! Any update on Death support/furyshark.com hiscores back online? Haha just wondering
  9. Well yeah that seems reasonable, but wouldn't then pretty much ALL accounts get banned? I mean mirror mode accs/P2P accs last waaay longer.
  10. Hmm well true and not true. I've been trying all day making accounts and botting them, they get banned pretty much all day long. As for money wise, it's really not that bad. If you have a functioning method that only earns 30K per hour, which would then be automated so if an acc gets banned it continues with a new acc, just a simple PC I'm using can run 30 bots easily. That's fully automated 900k per hour, 24 hours a day so pretty much about 20M/day (about 7$/day). The simple PC i'm using cost me 60$ via the place I work, so in less than a week I could pretty much double the farm, ma
  11. I can make these, they will take atleast a few days tho if you're interested. LMK prices
  12. Well, thats something I'd try and program, but the issue being that the accs dont last long? I mean, say I have 100 accs that are able to make 100K each, and they get banned after that you'd want something to replace it. However, if I have accounts that are for example picking potato's and make 30K an hour but get banned after 1 hour, what's the point then, you know what I mean? Haha. Thats pretty much the issue im with, I'm able to replace the accs and able to pretty much automatically mule over even though they';re still trade restricted, but if it's only 30K then what's the poin
  13. So I was wondering about F2P botting, and it seems I get almost insta banned, do you guys have this as well? I've botted over 250 accounts during twitch prime, botted tut island, instant went on to a gold farming method and the accounts would last 1/2 days. Now I'm trying out F2P botting, and I get banned after like 1/2/3 hours already. I am testing it with mirror mode which seems to be working a bit better, but to create a 50 f2p gold farm I can't really use mirror but need stealth. My idea was to have F2P accs last like 3/4 hours, then it'd be doable, but if the accounts get b
  14. Hey @Czarcould I have a trial for this!? Thanks in advance!
  15. Hey @Thiccboiis there any way I could run this with CLI?
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