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  1. Admittedly I haven't personally touched Zulrah yet, but I doubt 'cheap accounts' vs 'quality accounts' would make a difference to someone who's new. Cheap accounts won't last as long as "quality accounts", yes but what difference does it make if OP doesn't know what they're doing? Quality account or not more goes into it than just that.
  2. Tip: based on what you've given above, don't bot zulrah. I'll apologize in advance for being frank but you'll end up losing what you'll invest more than what you'll gain since Zulrah at this point is a horse beaten to death, though to be fair botting in general is a horse beaten to death but especially Zulrah. I've heard of bans coming in at less than 30 minutes of runtime from what some people have been commenting on public SDN scripts. If you're new to botting don't risk it all on something at the top because you will end up taking substantial losses without a good idea as to what you’re doing. Start out small with easy to farm methods and work your way up over time.
  3. Here's all you really need to know -- it's all a big game of trial and error, nobody is going to give you the answer to botting to your hearts content, at least not for free. As already said there are plenty of resources to help you better your botting pursuit. Have a look around and you might just find some really useful stuff. From what I've learned here I was able to make a decent low level starter main which I'm progressively botting more on than I play by hand.
  4. If nobody else responds or if nobody already added/PM'd you, there's a website I buy different accounts from that sells these, I could PM you my reflink if interested.
  5. I mean..I guess sure, but as I said above there's really no need tbh. And yes you shouldn't get banned if playing legit regardless of the IP you're using. I just couldn't think of a reason someone would be playing legit on a VPN is all so I was just a bit curious.
  6. It took me a year to understand what exactly the point is but now with that I think I get what you're saying. Playing legit on a VPN while using it for other things? I guess that makes more sense. I was taking that as someone needlessly using a VPN solely for playing the game.
  7. What use case would you have for playing legit on a VPN tho? If you're playing legit there's no reason not to use your home IP.
  8. @Camaro I've been using the script more recently and there's something I've noticed that keeps happening. Next time it happens I'll see if anything shows in the logger. Sometimes it'll occasionally just stop walking and the script will just exit or something like just a few steps outside the bank. I could only assume this could potentially be a webwalk issue of some sort? I can't be out of runes/etc because when it stops like that the bank isn't even open so it wouldn't know if it's out of supplies.
  9. Sounds easy in practice unless you're actually botting up a bunch of them. From what I've heard from a guy I bought a few here and there from is a lot of his stock was getting banned and could only keep a few on hand at any given time and even then some of them got banned within an hour of being in my hands. If you know someone reliably printing out untrade restricted accounts for 500k I sure would like to know their contact info cuz that's a deal I'll definitely take. This ^ but OP said tut island w/ no trade restrictions.
  10. Well quite simply, the best way to get around the requirements is to meet them. You can’t sell them here without having those requirements as you already mentioned so if you want to sell them it’d have to be somewhere other than here unfortunately. However, I’m not sure if the same restriction applies to offering the accounts to someone seeking those types of accounts out, but if they don’t, you might want to keep an eye out on the requests section if that’s the case.
  11. Nothing special, just want some extra GP for training other accounts. If you have the time and resources to, this account could be used for zulrah/barrows after getting some extra levels. 1. Pictures of the account stats https://ibb.co/NrG8gsV 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) Has rock cake unlocked, and an avas 3. Pictures of the quests completed https://ibb.co/3zk9qzS 4. The price you will be starting bids at 10M 5. The A/W (Auto-win) for your account 23M 6. The methods of payment you are accepting OSRS GP 7. Your trading conditions If you have no rep/less fb than me you first otherwise I'll go first or we can use a MM 8. Pictures of the account status https://ibb.co/LP6cnBb 9. Original/previous owners AND Original Email Address I am the original owner, the email will be changed to your email
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