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  1. arbicrax172

    HCIM & IM

    HCIM (60M OBO) : 1. Pictures of the account stats https://imgur.com/PDWXDsO 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) https://imgur.com/GyDlELq https://imgur.com/6EMli4r 3. Pictures of the quests completed No quests completed. 8. Pictures of the account status N/A, can't access the status w/o registering an email IM (25M OBO) : 1. Pictures of the account stats https://imgur.com/MFQ5kWI 2. Pictures of the total wealth (if there is any) https://imgur.com/y3slolx 3. Pictures of the quests completed No
  2. I don't gamble much to begin with so that probably doesn't help. Pretty much all I've really ever gambled to date is skins which always ends up winning me a bit of money but not at all profit, still a loss rather, then making me want to play my odds thus losing me everything. I'm probably not a smart gambler but I don't intend to be since I don't gamble much lol.
  3. Every gamble I've made lost me money in the end so I'd just cash it out to either USD/BTC, BTC being only if I need BTC for whatever reason.
  4. How much for the following: HCIM - - 99 FM, 69 fletching, 65 WC, 35 thieving, 38 construction, tome of fire & full pyro set - no email set if that makes a difference IM - - 70 agility, rest of the stats are fairly irrelevant but 20 FM, 25 fletching, 36 thieving, 48 WC & 8 construction - had a 2 day ban
  5. Figured it out, if you're starting with 0 prayer points it appears not to drink the pots.
  6. @Camaro won't drink prayer potions in inventory, just keeps trying to enable prayer and click the giant mole. I started the script with no prayer points left iirc so could that be the issue?
  7. Ok cool, looking forward to its release
  8. Is this script going to be a monthly script? If so how much a month?
  9. ~100k or less each usually, if done by hand you might be able to get more for them but there's no telling if an account truly did it by hand so the value would be based on rep I'd reckon, I see some on sythe for round 1M each hand done.
  10. What payment method would that be? If it's PayPal and it won't accept your card you might be able to pay someone for a voucher with it, otherwise just buy GP with whatever payment method you're trying to use and pay for a voucher with that.
  11. Project Pact's OSRS Script Factory can do this, I recommend checking it out. Well worth the buy
  12. Thanks guys, I was thinking these would have a place in potentially being used to build up an account build from like Zulrah for instance which is why I was wondering if they'd be worth anything.
  13. How much would accounts with 75/85 magic be worth? Thanks.
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