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  1. Script seems to be working smoother with the current update, steadily progressing 2 accounts at the moment and have more training up, looking forward to hitting 99 FM Also looking forward to future updates and additions too
  2. KC is 88, I didn't think I'd get one either
  3. Didn't catch the drop message but got a phoenix
  4. Nevermind, I'll keep the script and stay tuned for further updates
  5. Cakes still seem to be an issue, banks after eating 2 full cakes w/ a min value of 2. Still seems to go to the brazier opposite of the specified one too. Another issue as well, after roughly an hour of running the script seemed to be stuck in a loop of going in and out of WT, clicking the door, once the game started it gets stuck because it doesn't seem to handle the dialogue to leave and lose progress.
  6. Depends on what your going for but the only way to get around the newest set of restrictions is to meet them. Train random skills, buy/look for a script to AFK the 20 hour requirements, whatever suits you best. If the accounts require specific levels, those levels would help contribute to filling the 20 hour requirement. That's your only option if you'd like not to use membership to get around the restrictions.
  7. Looking good so far
  8. Person above is selling 2277 account
  9. This ^ world hopping seems to be an issue, otherwise it seems to work well enough. One other thing to mention is this script seems to lag the client, movement is laggy, moving the mouse lags, etc.
  10. There are a few ways, muling through the wilderness, trading your items over through a general store or just meeting the requirements.
  11. You should expect to be banned at some point, even if not goldfarming but especially if goldfarming. Particularly, if you're goldfarming try different things, take note of what you were trying and try something different. If 30 minute breaks get you banned, try switching up the percentage of bot time to break time. Have a look around in the section you posted this in, plenty of information to help get started.
  12. Data center proxies and fresh accounts generally don't go together. You'll want to have them made through a high quality proxy since data center IPs tend to lead to locks more often than not and can thus can lead to problems for the person buying them. As for hand made tut accounts though I'm not sure what the demand on those would be since I don't think it's possible to tell whether or not you've actually completed tutorial island by hand so you might just be better off trying to mass produce accounts w/ a script.
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