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[Dev Build] OSBot 2.5.89

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In an attempt to fix some deeply-rooted bugs, we've maded some changes to the way widgets are used throughout the API.

Please test it as much as possible and let us know how it goes.


Download link: http://osbot.org/devbuilds/osbot 2.5.89.jar


- Removed widget caching from world hopper, quests, logout tab, GE and shop api. Please let me know if you notice a difference and if it's on mirror or injection

- Added a missing break condition check in the worldhopper.
- Fixed cli args for script and username/pass not working if there are spaces in the name (Usage of "" is required for names with spaces eg -script "script name":args)
- Fixed a bug where the break manager would start during the welcome screen

- Added PathPreferenceProfile#setAllowQuestLinks to enable/disable quest requirement links (default enabled, fairy rings are ignored)
- Added Femi dialogue to the gnome stronghold gate

- Minor bug fixes.

- The OSBot Team

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27 minutes ago, Bjotorsflav said:

When I open osbot it still says that the latest version is 2.5.87 and when I come to the website then 2.5.87 is the downloaded one too but here it says 2.5.89, is this like beta version rn or what?

Yes this is a dev build. It's for people to test new features before they get pushed to the live version. You need to download the dev builds from the threads.

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